Comscore Reports 6.5 Million Americans Watched Mobile Video in August

With 4.4 percent of its subscribers tuning in, AT&T leads the pack in mobile video adoption

Reston, VA,October 31, 2008 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, reports that 6.5 million Americans tuned into mobile video in August. Among the top operators in the United States, AT&T claimed the most mobile video viewers, with 4.4 percent of subscribers accessing either programmed or on-demand mobile video.

Percent Subscribers Watching Programmed or On Demand Mobile Video
Three-month average ending August 2008
Source: Comscore M:Metrics
AT&T 4.4%
Sprint 4.2%
T-Mobile 2.4%
Verizon 2.4%
Total 2.8%

According to the study, on-demand video was the most popular format, with 3.6 million viewers. With 1.3 million viewers, amateur videos, such as those on YouTube, represent the most popular type of content, followed by music videos and comedy videos.

On-Demand Video Consumption, by Type
Three-Month Average Ending August 2008
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers
Source: Comscore M:Metrics
Type of Video Subscribers (000) % Mobile On-Demand Video Audience
Amateur Video Clips 1,346 37.9%
Music Videos 1,224 34.5%
Comedy Videos 1,179 33.2%
Movie Trailers 1,074 30.2%
Full TV/film 727 20.5%
Local/National/World News 645 18.1%
Entertainment/Celebrity News 629 17.7%
Sports action or news 603 17.0%
TV highlights 598 16.8%
Weather information 581 16.4%

Music videos are the top choice for programmed mobile broadcast video users, followed closely by full television shows or films and movie trailers.

Mobile Broadcast Video Consumption, by Type
Three-Month Average Ending August 2008
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers
Source: Comscore M:Metrics
Type of Video Subscribers (000) % Mobile Broadcast Video Audience
Music Videos 639 32.8%
Full TV/film 622 31.9%
Movie Trailers 617 31.7%
Comedy Videos 596 30.6%
Weather Information 581 29.9%
Local/National/World news 563 28.9%
Sports action or News 561 28.8%
Animations or Cartoons 473 24.3%
Entertainment/Celebrity news 458 23.5%
TV Highlights 425 21.8%

“While the most popular forms of mobile TV and video are genres such as music videos and movie trailers which offer short video snacks, the data also show a nascent audience for long-form mobile content such as TV shows,” said Mark Donovan, senior analyst, Comscore. “At under three percent penetration, the mobile video audience in the United States remains small, but it is composed largely of males between 18 and 34 years old, which could make it attractive to advertisers seeking to reach multi-tasking early-adopters who don’t have time for appointment television.”

Comscore also announced the results of its August Benchmark Study. Mobile social networking posted the highest growth, at 8.8 percent, while photo and video messaging had the highest rate of penetration, at 26.3 percent. Comscore M:Metrics delivers mobile market metrics through a monthly survey of mobile subscribers as well as automated data collection methodologies. Below are the findings.

Comscore Mobile Benchmark Study of Mobile Media Consumption
Three Month Average Ending August 2008 vs. Same Period in 2007
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers
Source: Comscore M:Metrics
Activity Subscribers (000) % Mobile Subscribers % Change
News & Info via Browser 36,185 15.9% 1.3%
News & Info via Download 13,274 5.8% 7.0%
IM 21,032 9.2% 6.1%
News & Info via SMS 18,727 8.2% 4.0%
Social Networking 14,947 6.6% 8.8%
Email (Work & Personal) 33,564 14.7% 4.5%
Purchased Ringtone 20,124 8.8 % -2.0%
Purchased Games 5,478 2.4% -1.0%
Used Network for Photos/Video 59,877 26.3% -1.1%
Listened to music 19,001 8.3% -2.2%
Received SMS ads 48,943 21.5% -0.5%

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