Instant Messaging Most Popular Online Activity in France

Total French Internet Audience Grows 19 Percent vs. Previous Year to 35 Million Users in February 2009

Facebook Breaks into France’s Ranking of Top 10 Properties for First Time in its History

PARIS, France, April 6, 2009 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released the results of a study of Web usage in France, based on data from the Comscore World Metrix audience measurement service. In February, more than 35 million people age 15 or older in France accessed the Internet from a home or work computer, up 19 percent versus the previous year.

Instant Messaging & Social Networking Prove Popular in France

Internet users in France spent a combined total of 932 million hours online in February, an average of 27 hours per person. Instant messaging claimed the highest share of total time spent at 14.3 percent, followed by social networking at 5.7 percent. In combination, the two categories accounted for one out of every five minutes spent online during the month. Online media also proved popular, with the entertainment category accounting for 8.6 percent of time spent and online gaming 2.9 percent share of total time spent online in February.

“The Internet audience in France is growing at a rapid rate, and with 35 million people online in February, France now ranks just below Germany and the U.K. as one of the largest online audiences in Europe,” said Delphine Gatignol, Comscore Business Development Manager for France. “Much of the audience growth is coming from older Internet users who are using the Internet for the first time. Time spent online has also been on the rise, due in large part to the increasing popularity of entertainment and social media.”

Top 10 Site Categories in France
Based on % Share of Total Time Spent Online
Total French Internet Audience, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations*
February 2009
Source: Comscore World Metrix
Category % Share of Total time Spent Online
Total Internet : Total Audience 100.0%
Instant Messengers 14.3%
Entertainment 8.6%
e-mail 8.2%
Social Networking 5.7%
Directories/Resources 3.2%
Online Gaming 2.9%
Retail 2.6%
Search/Navigation 2.4%
Business/Finance 1.8%
Sports 1.7%
All Other Categories 49.6%

*Excludes Internet activity from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Facebook Now a Top 10 Property in France

Google Sites was the most popular property in February with 28.7 million visitors, followed by Microsoft Sites (25.4 million visitors), and Orange sites (20.3 million visitors). Each of the top six properties achieved remarkably consistent growth of between 30-35 percent versus year ago. A number of French sites ranked among the leading online properties as well, including Iliad/ Sites (16.9 million visitors), Group Pages Jaunes (15.4 million visitors), and Groupe Lagardere, which grew 77 percent during the year to 13.7 million visitors. grew 518 percent versus year ago to 13.7 million visitors, catapulting the world’s largest social networking site into the top 10 property rankings in France for the first time in February. Meanwhile, traffic to French social networking site, Skyrock, remained strong, with more than 11 million visitors during the month, ranking it as the fifteenth largest property.

Top 15 French Properties Ranked by Total Unique Visitors (000)*
Total France, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations
February 2009 vs. February 2008
Source: Comscore World Metrix
Property Feb-2008 Feb-2009 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 29,419 35,146 19%
Google Sites 21,483 28,744 34%
Microsoft Sites 19,193 25,363 32%
Orange Sites 15,026 20,296 35%
Iliad/ Sites 12,873 16,932 32%
Yahoo! Sites 11,633 15,750 35%
Groupe Pages Jaunes 11,637 15,421 33%
eBay 11,748 14,215 21% 2,217 13,698 518%
Groupe Lagardere 7,725 13,650 77%
Wikimedia Foundation Sites 10,152 13,506 33%
Groupe PPR 10,546 13,132 25%
Comment Ca Marche N/A 12,475 N/A
Benchmark Group 7,880 12,087 53%
Groupe PriceMinister 8,446 11,695 38%
Skyrock 10,986 11,013 0%

*Excludes Internet activity from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Comscore to Present at Ad: Tech Paris

Delphine Gatignol, Comscore Business Development Manager for France, will be presenting an overview of European Internet usage, offering insights into current online trends, with a focus on online advertising, at Ad: Tech Paris, Palais de Congres, Tuesday 7th April. For more information please visit stand number 39 at the event.

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