Comscore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE) Breaks New Multi-Platform Ground With Validation of Online Video Ad Campaigns

Comscore vCE for Video Can Now Include Viewability in Addition to Audience Validation for Online Video Market, Improving Cross-Media Integration with TV

RESTON, VA, October 1, 2012 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the global introduction of validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE) for Video, which measures GRPs, demographics and behavioral profiles of audiences reached by video campaigns, as well as the extent to which video ads were actually viewable by consumers. This innovative new solution builds on Comscore’s existing video campaign measurement capability, which has been used extensively by clients over the past three years. By introducing Comscore’s video validation technology, vCE Video now also delivers unique insight on whether the video ad was actually seen by a real viewer, bringing these metrics into closer alignment with TV based on a similar ‘opportunity to see’ standard.

“Comscore is delighted to announce the availability of vCE Video, delivering a solution for the growing need in our industry to better align video campaign measurement with TV through the validated GRP,” said Anne Hunter, Senior Vice President, Advertising Effectiveness Products at Comscore. “Our extensive work to date measuring online video has shown it to be an extremely effective advertising platform, especially at reaching younger audience targets. But the introduction of viewability measurement provides an important new level of validation that significantly improves the ability to quantify the impact of video ads. These new insights bring enhanced transparency and accountability for advertisers and agencies and promise to improve the monetization opportunities for publishers, while also allowing for the seamless integration of online video with TV in cross-media campaigns.”

vCE Video Product Details
vCE Video provides both traditional audience measurement of video ad campaigns, as well as validated measurement based on the ad’s viewability. Comscore’s traditional campaign measurement includes Reach, Frequency, Gross Rating Points (GRPs) and Target Rating Points (TRPs) based on impressions. Validated video reporting metrics – validated Reach and Frequency, validated Gross Ratings Points (vGRPs) and validated Target Rating Points (vTRPs) – provide a better accounting of which consumers can actually be influenced by the ad’s content because they had the opportunity to view it.

Other key features of vCE Video include:

  • Reporting capabilities that are designed to be compatible with TV campaign measurement, such as overnight reporting of audience demographics and integration with Comscore’s new multi-platform audience data that includes TV.
  • Comscore’s proprietary methodology for de-duplication of audiences across media platforms, leveraging the Comscore Census Network.
  • Enhanced demographics which include not only age and gender, but also household income, household size, race, and ethnicity in the U.S. Demographics vary in other countries according to local demographic reporting standards.
  • Measurement against more than 70 different behavioral segments on a global basis, allowing advertisers to understand the impact of viewed impressions on segments of people with similar behaviors, such as auto, food or travel enthusiasts.
  • Ability to combine metrics with other digital campaigns involving display and rich media to provide an unduplicated view of audiences across multiple ad formats.
  • Broad industry support from a significant number of video platforms and media companies that have already run numerous studies using Comscore’s video campaign reporting.
  • Global and cross-geographical campaign reporting capabilities.

Comscore will work withMaking Measurement Make Sense (3MS) and other industry bodies as viewability standards for video measurement continue to evolve. Until official industry standards are adopted, Comscore will work with clients around mutually agreed-upon standards.

Leading Video Platforms & Media Companies Highlight Benefits of Comscore vCE Video
More than 120 advertisers and agencies and 80 publishers in 28 countries have conducted digital campaign measurement with Comscore vCE, which received MRC accreditation in August for campaign verification. vCE Video is available on a global basis, and has the strong support of a broad range of leading partners, including the following:

Accordant Media

CPX Interactive



Solve Media


Extreme Reach



Firefly Video


Ad-Juster, Inc.









Casale Media






Comcast Media 360



“To get the best measure of campaign performance, buyers need insights that tell them which ads have the greatest opportunity to reach and impact the viewer. Improvements in campaign reporting like Comscore’s vCE Video enable those insights. It’s this type of innovation that is helping advance our industry.”

- Toby Gabriner, President,

“We have been working very successful with Comscore validated Campaign Essentials for the past several months for our performance business, Adconion Direct, across several markets. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to roll this out as well to smartclip, our multiscreen video and brand advertising platform. The Comscore vCE Video solution encompasses a vast array of advantages, which will benefit the entire industry, including the global scalability and – in particular – the reflection of the steady growth of video in the multiple-device world as we see it today and where we can see a huge amount of growth in the future. The precise and accountable measurements by Comscore give all players in the market the transparency and accountability for campaigns on all devices.”

- Tyler Moebius, CEO of Adconion Media Group.

“AOL has been a key driver for accelerating the flow of ad dollars from TV to online. We’re proud to offer our clients a tool that helps ensure their campaign spend drives visibility among the most receptive audiences. It’s this kind of equivalency with TV measurement solutions that will help push our industry forward.”

- Ran Harnevo, SVP of Video, The AOL On Network

“The Digital Upfronts are quickly changing the dynamics of how online video advertising is bought and sold. The ability to verify viewability against a specific target audience helps bring digital video into closer alignment with TV, making the buying and selling process more seamless and integrated.”

- Tom Straszewski, VP Interactive Sales, Comcast Media 360

“Innovid’s integration with Comscore’s vCE Video platform provides our clients with familiar reporting metrics critical to evaluating the success of their video ad campaigns. As we continue to evolve towards ‘TV Everywhere’, data and analytics that facilitate apples-to-apples comparisons with traditional advertising empower brands to make sound media buying decisions across the multiple platforms available to them.”

- Zvika Netter, CEO and Co-founder, Innovid

“Video campaign GRPs were a necessary first step to facilitate cross-media planning with TV, but viewability represents a giant leap forward in video’s quest for TV dollars. It introduces a new standard for validated views that begins to leverage the immense measurement capabilities of digital video for traditional TV buyers.”

- Mark Trefgarne, CEO, LiveRail

“We are really excited that Comscore recognizes the importance of viewability and audience validation for online video. Being able to verify that video ads were actually seen by the target audience not only helps instill confidence in the online video advertising space, but it also creates better alignment with TV measurement. We are constantly looking for innovations like vCE that advance and provide value to the entire advertising ecosystem.”

- Todd Pasternack, Director of Creative Technology, PointRoll

“We welcome Comscore's commitment to addressing the issue of viewability within video advertising. Viewability is a key metric for valuing media and validation from an independent provider like Comscore is important to ensure credibility and clarity for brand-focused advertisers.”

- Young Jin, Senior Director, Video Product Management, Undertone

“While TV remains the preferred screen for video content, consumer behavior is morphing rapidly, and in some cases fans will watch a single episode across multiple platforms. It’s clear that campaign measurement must quickly evolve to meet industry needs. vCE Video offers a compelling step in addressing incremental viewing in a way that’s compatible with TV.”

- Susan Hogan, VP Digital Ad Sales Research, Viacom

“Advertisers are demanding comprehensive audience demographic measurement to better understand their video campaign performance. Verifying the demo-make up of their target audience and using TV measurement solutions gives advertisers the best cross-platform assessment of their campaign. Integrating Comscore's vCE product into VINDICO helps advertisers easily validate their audience at scale.”

- Matt Timothy, President, VINDICO

“ZEDO is committed to measuring and validating results for its publisher and advertiser partners. That's why we worked with the original AdXpose, and why we are now signing on to a partnership with Comscore for their validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) program. This is an added bonus for our customers, who understand the importance of their ads actually being seen. In fact, the viewable impressions metric for our InView Slider ad is consistently 99% as measured by Comscore.”

- Paul Prior, President, ZEDO

About Comscore validated Campaign Essentials
Comscore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) is a holistic solution for complete campaign delivery validation and in-flight optimization. Unlike existing single-point solutions, vCE provides an unduplicated accounting of impressions delivered across a variety of dimensions, such as ads delivered in-view, in the right geography, in a brand safe environment and absent of non-human traffic. This measurement eliminates all impressions that never had a chance to make an impact, providing a more realistic and accurate picture of campaign delivery. vCE reports on comprehensive demographics, behavioral segments and reach and frequency, delivering a cross-media comparable GRP metric to the marketplace.

About Comscore
Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics. For more information, please visit

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