Online Shopping Surges in the UK During Black Friday with Nearly Three Times Higher Spending than Average Day in November

Currys Saw the Greatest Increase in Transactions on Black Friday Amongst Selected Retailers

LONDON, United Kingdom, December 8, 2015 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a global media measurement and analytics company, today released an analysis of online shopping spending in the UK for Black Friday (November 27) amongst a selection of leading retailers. The results showcase a 259 percent growth in online spending compared to the average online shopping day in November; a significant increase from the 133 percent observed last year.

“Black Friday has well and truly established itself in the UK retail calendar,” said Mike Shaw Comscore Sales Vice President, “This year’s results, up from last year off an even higher base, should signal the start of yet another bumper Christmas season for retailers’ digital channels.”

Black Friday Spending Surge Driven by Increase in Both Number of Transactions and Buyers
Black Friday total spending saw a considerable growth driven by an increase in transactions (up 118 percent) and in the number of buyers (up 102 percent). The growth in spending per buyer (up 80 percent) was driven by both an increase in the average order value (up 68 percent) and an increase in the number of transactions per buyer (up 8 percent).

Black Friday Spending Breakdown vs. Average Online Shopping Day in November*
 November 1-27, 2015
 United Kingdom, Internet Users Age 18+
 Source: Comscore Marketing Solutions
Spending Breakdown % Increase vs. Average Day
Total Spending 259%
Number of Buyers 102%
Total Transactions 118%
Spending per buyer 80%
Average Order Value 68%
Transactions per buyer 8%

*The analysis of UK digital commerce transactions is based on data obtained from Comscore Marketing Solutions from ten selected online retailers in the UK on Black Friday, compared to the average spending habits on these sites for the days through November 26.

British Digital Commerce Sites on the Rise
Although ranked first in total number of transactions on Black Friday, British electrical retailer performed best in growth of total transactions, with significant growth  on that day versus November average (up 1622 percent). British retailers and followed with 339 percent and 254 percent increase in transactions, respectively.

Selected Retailer Analysis by Total Transactions on Black Friday vs. Average number of Transactions during November
November 1-27, 2015
United Kingdom, Internet Users Age 18+
Source: Comscore Marketing Solutions
URL Rank by Number of Transactions % Increase vs. Average Day 1 187% 2 14% 3 73% 4 110% 5 181% 6 339% 7 1622% 8 254% 9 126% 10 165%

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