Comscore and PlaceIQ Launch Jointly Developed Product to Quantify Impact of TV, Mobile and Desktop Advertising on Retail Store Visits

New Solution Measures Influence of Cross-platform Marketing on Actual Foot Traffic

RESTON, VA, October 3, 2017 – Comscore and PlaceIQ today announced the launch of a joint solution, PlaceIQ PVR powered by Comscore, which measures lift in retail visits resulting from TV, mobile and desktop advertising. With this solution, marketers and their agencies will be able to understand the holistic impact of their advertising on driving visitation to physical locations such as retailers, automotive dealerships, dining establishments and more. In addition, media sellers will be able to prove the value of their inventory and its ability to drive consumers to visit brick-and-mortar locations.

The new joint offering is built on Comscore and PlaceIQ’s history of providing marketers with accurate insight into the efficacy of advertising. Ad exposure data from Comscore is matched to location data from PlaceIQ to measure the overall and individual impact of campaign components such as TV networks, digital publishers, dayparts and placements. Comscore can further integrate viewability measurement to account only for digital impressions that have an opportunity to be seen, as is the standard in TV. This viewable lift data provides marketers with an apples-to-apples comparison of lift across platforms and the ability to optimize spend accordingly.

“Auto dealerships, restaurants, travel providers and retailers all have the challenge of connecting the dots between ad exposures and in-store foot traffic,” said Steve Ahlberg, senior vice president, advertising products, Comscore. “Today’s launch gives marketers access to the neutral, third-party data they need to make those connections, and to ultimately optimize their marketing mix. Comscore is excited to partner with PlaceIQ, a premier provider of advanced location data and analytics, to launch this product, which is available to our clients today.”

In addition to measuring lift, PlaceIQ PVR powered by Comscore also provides clients with a detailed picture of campaign-exposed consumers. This feature extends beyond demographics alone, to include advanced audience descriptors such as likelihood to engage with other brands across different shopping categories. With this information, clients can understand the broader interests and affinities of a target audience and tailor future messaging strategies across channels.

“Our longstanding partnership with the Comscore family continues to equip marketers with advanced audience insight and measurement solutions,” said Duncan McCall, CEO of PlaceIQ. “For seven years, PlaceIQ has been at the forefront of developing innovations such as Place Visit Rate (PVR®), which has become an industry-standard for measuring foot traffic and informing media decisions. PlaceIQ PVR powered by Comscore is a significant addition to our large portfolio of location-driven product innovations. It unifies our sophisticated approach for real-world attribution with Comscore, the industry's trusted choice for impartial measurement in the digital realm. It provides a powerful way to quantify engagement and justify investments. With it, marketers get a better understanding of how all forms of media impact foot traffic, the audience affinities behind those interactions, critical insight into viewability for digital campaigns, and the ability to optimize cross-channel campaigns to drive additional visitation.”

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All matches of ad exposure provided by Comscore and PlaceIQ are done in a privacy-compliant manner without the exchange of personally identifiable information (PII) between companies.

About PlaceIQ
PlaceIQ is a leading data and technology provider that powers critical business and marketing decisions with location data, analytics and insights. An early industry pioneer, PlaceIQ has become the standard for fueling better decisions for marketers, analysts and publishers through powerful location-based consumer insights, real-world measurement and attribution.

With PlaceIQ, companies can uncover opportunities within the consumer journey by learning about and connecting with location-based audiences, measuring real-world ROI, and applying insights that drive intelligent marketing and successful business outcomes.

The company is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Chicago and San Jose. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @PlaceIQ and like us on Facebook: PlaceIQ.

About Comscore
Comscore, Inc. (OTC: SCOR) is a leading cross-platform measurement company that precisely measures audiences, brands and consumer behavior everywhere. Comscore completed its merger with Rentrak Corporation in January 2016, to create the new model for a dynamic, cross-platform world. Built on precision and innovation, our unmatched data footprint combines proprietary digital, TV and movie intelligence with vast demographic details to quantify consumers’ multiscreen behavior at massive scale. This approach helps media companies monetize their complete audiences and allows marketers to reach these audiences more effectively. With more than 3,200 clients and global footprint in more than 75 countries, Comscore is delivering the future of measurement. For more information on Comscore, please visit

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