- March 16, 2023

Comscore Introduces Proximic by Comscore as a Dedicated Programmatic Targeting Division

Natalie Laurin
Natalie Laurin
Director, Marketing
Proximic by Comscore

Proximic By Comscore To Provide Multiple Solutions to Enhance the Overall Value of Programmatic Campaigns

Comscore, a leader in global media measurement, today announced the launch of a dedicated programmatic targeting business, Proximic by Comscore, which has become the newest division of the growing company. Proximic by Comscore addresses the evolving ad tech landscape's compounding signal loss with a suite of ID-based and advanced contextual targeting solutions accessible via integrations with leading ad platform partners such as Basis Technologies, Freewheel’s Beeswax, LiveRamp, SXM Media’s AdsWizz, Xandr’s Invest DSP, Yahoo! and many more.

Following Comscore’s 2015 acquisition of Proximic, a company focused on contextual capabilities, it expanded on this technology to provide thousands of clients with real-time audience and content targeting segments, including Proximic by Comscore’s first-to-market Predictive Audiences to help reach consumers effectively at scale through programmatic channels. New capabilities such as custom audiences based on TV viewership or website visitation delivered in one business day, as well as advancements to their self-service platform, showcase Proximic by Comscore’s relentless product-driven focus to solve client challenges.

“We’ve always been dedicated to using our data and AI to empower marketers to effectively reach consumers and publishers to access privacy-forward monetization tactics. This new chapter marks an even bigger stage for us to showcase our strengths,” said Rachel Gantz, Managing Director, Proximic by Comscore. “As traditional targeting signals have rapidly declined, the addressability gap has widened, leaving advertisers looking for new cost-effective tactics to hit reach goals. We are excited to be able to leverage the best data in the industry with innovative technologies to maximize the impact of programmatic campaigns.”

“The need in the marketplace for innovative, holistic targeting solutions that address the full bidstream, with and without IDs, has never been greater. Proximic by Comscore is not just about future-proofing, they’re raising the bar for what brands can expect from the performance of campaign targeting today,” said Steve Bagdasarian, EVP of Growth, Comscore. “Given Proximic by Comscore’s market-leading targeting capabilities, it is important to invest in the brand to meet the needs of today’s programmatic environment.”

Formerly known as Comscore’s Activation Team, Proximic by Comscore will continue to provide and expand its suite of industry-leading targeting capabilities. End users will have access to extensive ID-based segments, over 2,600 predictive, ID-less audiences and content-level solutions across CTV, linear, digital, DOOH, and audio to power effective targeting at scale. These segments are built on the foundation of Comscore’s trusted datasets combined with Proximic by Comscore’s sophisticated contextual natural language processing engine and have proven to drive cost-effective, scalable and performant campaigns.

To learn more about Proximic by Comscore’s suite of targeting solutions, please visit https://www.proximic.com.

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