- December 5, 2023

Generative AI: writing, editing and designing in 2023

Analysis of global audiences for Generative AI platforms: OpenAI, Character.ai and Wondershare

Maite Azkuna
Maite Azkuna
Senior Analyst, Marketing Content & Insights

Generative Artificial Intelligence software readily accessible for people to use for personal and professional projects has reached many new milestones in 2023, and deep-learning models that generate images, text, code and other content are now readily available to consumers.

This category of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is accelerating in use with early-adopters. In this piece, we analyse the growth of generative AI pioneer, OpenAI, and break down two other standout platforms - the virtual avatar creator for chat and interaction, Character.ai, and the easy-to-use video and photo editing service with several AI-backed smart features, Wondershare.com.

The research organization OpenAI has played a crucial role in propelling generative AI into the
Mainstream. Looking at global audience visitation to its platform, Openai.com, recorded a rise of 127% over 2023, from January to September. That accounted for 102.8 million unique visitors since the start of the year (to September 2023).

Both OpenAI’s digital design tool, DALL.E, and its free AI text and coding generator, ChatGPT, have sparked content sharing and experimentation across social media platforms.

On TikTok, some of the top performing posts saw Microsoft influencer Mike Tholfsen sharing how to leverage ChatGPT for PowerPoint presentations, and influencer Karen X using DALL.E editing for design experimentation and ideation.

@mtholfsen Use ChatGPT to automate creating a #PowerPoint deck These are just simple ideas to get you started - have fun! #PPT #powerpointnight #learnontiktok #chatgpt #ai #officetips #Microsoft #hacks Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey
@karenxcheng I made a “music video” using AI to generate all images - using DALL-E 2 #dalle2 #artificialintelligence ♬ Feeling Good - Nina Simone

Source: Comscore Social, Content Pulse, content mentioning “ChatGPT” or “DALL.E”, across TikTok, 2022-2023

Building on this momentum, other generative AI driven tools have gained popularity and issued software updates throughout 2023, such as Character.ai and Wondershare.com platforms. Character.ai is redefining chatbot and avatar design, while Wondershare has made improvements in video and presentation editing.

To better understand the global impact of AI, we take a closer look at some key markets:

In September 2023, Character.ai’s U.S. audience surpassed 2 million unique visitors.

In Mexico, that number was almost half a million, followed by the UK and Brazil with more than 300K each, and Brazil, France, Spain, India and Italy, with more than 100K unique visitors.

Comscore’s affinity analysis of this platform reveals users’ trends per age and country. Adult Gen Z users rank highest on the index in almost every country – especially in Italy where the 18-24 age group registered an impressive 597 on the composition index UV* for September 2023 (5.97 times higher than the target internet average). Surfacing a different leading user in Spain, the 25-34 age group is the top audiences with 4.42 times greater than their representation on the country’s total digital population (composition index UV* = 442).

Moving to Wondershare.com audience, the AI-driven platform registered over 7 million unique visitors during September 2023. In the same period, both the U.S. and Brazil also reached over a million with 3 million and 1 million unique visitors, respectively. The UK recorded a substantial audience, surpassing half a million unique monthly visitors during the same period.

Comscore's affinity analysis underscores the Wondershare platform’s popularity with Gen Z adults in the U.S., marked by a composition index UV of 268. This is also evident in France (150), Spain (148), Mexico (147) and India (136). In the 25-34 age bracket, the platform sees significant use in Spain (194), Brazil (159), the U.S. (158), Italy (128), and France (107).

Interestingly, this AI platform's affinity also shows high affinity with the 35+ age group. In the UK market, users aged 35+ are 1.26 times larger in Wondershare.com is (126) than the country total digital population, followed by the same age group for Mexico users (104).

Generative AI in 2023 is rapidly transforming the way people create content, and is especially being embraced by Gen Z audiences. As this technology evolves, we’ll continue to measure and surface the trends around this opportunity.

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