- March 24, 2020

In-Home Data Usage Increases During Coronavirus Pandemic

Autum Molay
Autum Molay
Head of Product & Insights Marketing
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams
Vice President, Client Insights

With millions more people working from home and at least 70 percent of American schools shutting down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, in-home data usage is – unsurprisingly – on the rise.

According to Comscore Total Home Panel data, average in-home data usage is up 18% so far in March 2020 vs. the same amount of time in March 2019 (March 1-17, 2019 vs. March 1-17, 2020). The most notable device-level data usage increases we are seeing in March thus far are for mobile phones, smart speakers, connected TVs and streaming boxes/sticks. These increases are likely attributable to more Americans using the internet on their phones to work from home and all family members interacting with more streaming media while staying home.

Data Usage Increases During Coronavirus Pandemic

Focusing in on the most recent data available, we can see that these increases grew even more. Comparing the same Sunday/Monday/Tuesday in March year-over-year, we can see that mobile phone data usage grew by more than 50 percent! Gaming consoles (+48%), smart speakers (+44%), streaming boxes/sticks (+38%) and connected TVs (+37%) all saw significant upticks in data usage in our most recent days of data available.

Average Daily Data Usage in-home during Coronavirus

We expect this upward data usage trend to continue in the days, weeks and perhaps months to come as consumers shift their work, school, information gathering, shopping and entertainment habits amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

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