- July 31, 2013

The UK Mobile Gaming Landscape

Mobile gaming in the UK continues to grow at a steady pace with little that separates it from social media in terms of audience reach. There are now over 20 million monthly mobile gamers, with 6 million playing games on their mobile on a daily basis. As smartphone gamers have a higher propensity to recall seeing and tapping on in-game advertising, compared to the average browser and app user, one wonders why brands aren’t exploiting this channel more. Conversely, TV advertising is targeting an increasingly distracted audience with 64% of mobile gamers playing in their living room and 4 million playing mobile games whilst watching TV.

In collaboration with the Mobile Marketing Association, we have produced an infographic to provide an overview of the key trends that are shaping the mobile gaming landscape in the UK. For further insights into this growing market, download our presentation from the recent MMA Mobile Gaming event in London.

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