October 6, 2016

Devices & Demographics: How Dutch women shop online

Beatriz Vieira Beatriz Vieira
Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA
Online has become the jewel in the crown for even many bricks and mortar retailers. The category demonstrates an incredibly diverse mix of digital behaviours that can be analysed by demographics and device preferences, allowing players in this market to make sense of consumer behaviour in a multi-platform world. Taking the example of women, clear trends emerge across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices.

Some key findings:

  • In the Netherlands women represent 48% of the total digital audience in the retail category (versus 44.2% of the online population overall) with millennials accounting for 60% of the total female audience in July 2016.
  • However, except for Google Shopping, all the Top 10 retailers in the Netherlands have a higher reach for women over the age of 35 years than for those under this age bracket.
  • Retailers reach 84% of the total female audience in the Netherlands across desktop and mobile devices positioning the category as number 8 in reach for women in July 2016.
  • Mobile is increasing in importance for the category – 27% of women being exclusively mobile or multi-platform users in July 2016.
  • Apparel is the largest of the retail subcategories among Dutch women, reaching 44% of the total female audience in the retail category in July 2016, followed by comparison shopping, electronics and food.
Top 10 Retailers in the Netherlands

*Retail category includes all aspects of online retail, from individual retailers to shopping portals.

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