August 17, 2016

Indonesia: Video Leaning Towards Shorter-Form Content on Desktop, Advertising Saturation Increasing

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific
Video is a huge growth area on all platforms, particularly with the advent and rapid expansion of streaming services. Here are key findings uncovered for the Indonesia market:

Video Grows Rapidly, Driven by Shorter-Form Content and Ads

On desktop, the last year has seen a dramatic surge in the number of videos consumed as well as the total minutes per user. This could be the result of faster connection speeds enabling more content consumption. More categories are also beginning to feature video within their content portfolios, for example, news sites are now generating video content in-house and aggregating other sources into live reporting feeds.

Curiously, the average minutes per video have remained relatively static, which is likely due to both a proliferation of shorter-form content, as well as growth in video advertising, which tends to comprise shorter-form videos.

Demographic Scale vs. Video Engagement Shows Closer Correlation than Overall Desktop

Video reaches all demographics groups and the time spent on video corresponds with the time that these user segments stay online. As with other desktop consumption, younger audiences are more dominant for video consumption, with engagement times mirroring audience sizes closely. However, while video advertising is highly impactful, there is a real challenge in locating some audiences, as demographic splits can look very different on a category by category basis. 

Video Category Imbalances Can Unlock Audiences

In this example which includes the Lifestyles and the News/Information categories, we can clearly see that at the category level, audience composition varies by video content category. This will be even more pronounced at the entity level. Understanding where target audiences view video content will help advertisers find them in inventory that has not been used before.

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