- February 4, 2016

Rising Importance of Mobile for Clothing Retailers

Mobile has become an increasingly important component of UK consumers’ shopping habits. An analysis on 10 leading clothing retailers in the UK reveals that consumers relied especially heavily on mobile devices to help with Christmas shopping in 2015.

Understanding through which devices consumers access content allows marketers to map user journeys and streamline their experience. Using insights from MMX Multi-Platform, it was found that mobile browsing and apps account for an increased share of clothing retailers’ audiences during the Christmas period. Whilst the general UK trend is for users to access content on multiple platforms, the 10 retailers examined demonstrated high levels of users accessing only on mobile devices in December.

High levels of mobile usage, including a large number of mobile-only users have major implications for retailers, emphasising the importance of mobile optimisation. Retailers that embrace this shift in user behaviour can increasingly offer clients a seamless browsing and app experience on smaller screens to complement desktop usage.

Key findings:

  • The share of mobile users in the category’s Total Digital Population climbed by almost 5% in December 2015, when compared to the first quarter of the year.
  • Mobile exclusive usage was dominant for the selected 10 UK clothing retailers during December 2015. An average of 47.4% of their total unique users visited these properties using only a mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet), 42.6% only desktop and 9.9% from multiple platforms.
  • Multi-platform adoption is the highest for Next Group and ASOS PLC, with users more likely to browse and make purchases on multiple devices.
  • MandM Direct Sites, Clothingattesco.com, ASOS, Boohoo.com and Nike all saw more consumers only using mobile devices versus those only using PC to access the sites during December 2015.

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