- October 25, 2022

At a glance: the 5 fastest growing
m-commerce apps in the UK

Maite Azkuna
Maite Azkuna
Senior Analyst, Marketing Content & Insights

In August 2022, more than 45 million individuals in the United Kingdom used a mobile app with e-commerce capabilities – a seven percent increase compared with August 2021. Not all retail categories grew at the same pace. Zooming in, we see that a handful of individual apps stand out, chiefly across fast food, supermarkets, variety store chain. The Greggs app, in particular, tops the ranking with an 121% increase year-on-year (see table below).

Top 5 m-commerce apps  Million unique visitors
(Aug 2022) 
% growth in unique visitors
(Aug 2021 vs. Aug 2022)
1.  Greggs 1.2 121 %
2.  Vinted 3.5 110 %
3.  Burger King 1.1 95 %
4.  Sainsbury’s 1.1 87 %
5.  b&m 0.8 78 %

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In the infographic “the 5 fastest growing m-commerce apps in the UK”, we take a closer look at those five m-commerce apps and identify which demographic segments underpin their growth. Also, we quantify their social media performance.