- October 14, 2013

The Digital World in Focus

In this presentation given at DMA 2013, Comscore chairman and co-founder Gian Fulgoni provides a global overview of digital trends, including top online properties, social media, search, mobile and online video, along with lessons learned about digital advertising.

Here are some presentation highlights:

  • Internet User Trends: Internet use surging on a global basis and the U.S. is no longer center of the digital world.  China now has world’s largest desktop user base.
  • Top Online Properties: Google, Microsoft and Facebook are the top three global properties.
  • Social Media: Facebook dominates social networking on a global basis.
  • Search: Google dominates search in all regions with the exception of Asia-Pacific.
  • Online Video: 1.3 billion people around the world watch online video on a monthly basis, with strong growth occurring in number of viewers and videos viewed. YouTube dominates.
  • Mobile & Multi-Platform: With the availability of smartphones and tablets, the multi-platform omnivore has emerged. But, it’s not a zero-sum game: More devices result in more time on all devices, including TV.
  • Lessons Learned About Digital Advertising: In-flight optimization of digital media plans in terms of reach, frequency, targeting and viewability can dramatically increase ROI.

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