- June 9, 2014

From TV to Total Video: How Integrated Video Planning Can Transition Advertising from ‘Upfronts’ to ‘Allfronts’

From TV to Total Video

All media – including TV – are going digital. While TV remains the leading media channel for the vast majority of consumers, viewing time has largely been flat over the past several years while digital video viewing continues to explode. As more and more content flows across screens and people consume more of it on digital platforms, advertisers and publishers need a unified, complete view of their audience.

Total Video is Comscore’s viewer-centric approach to measuring video that accounts for viewing audiences on multiple platforms in a way that leverages the panel-based approach of legacy TV measurement systems in combination with the best advanced digital measurement methods to deliver a comprehensive and unified accounting of video viewing audiences.

Four actionable steps toward a Total Video future discussed in this whitepaper include:

  1. Measuring Cross-Platform in an Integrated Way to Quantify Reach from Digital
  2. Providing a Combined View of Digital Platforms to Extend Reach and Build Frequency Beyond TV Campaigns
  3. Quantifying the Relative Impact and ROI of Each Channel to Optimize Media Allocations
  4. Using Digital to More Efficiently Build Reach Among Specific Demographic Targets

Key Takeaway: A Total Video future means more opportunities for media companies to deliver and monetize content, and the improved ability for advertisers to efficiently and effectively reach their target audiences.

Multi-Platform Content Measurement

Comscore MMX® Multi-Platform provides an deduplicated view of total audience behavior across desktops, smartphones and tablets.

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