- August 14, 2014

UK Digital Market Overview June 2014

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends

Here is a brief summary of some of the key topics covered in this report:

  • The Total Digital Population remained steady at 48.4m unique users. Of the Total Digital Population, 3.3m users accessed the Internet exclusively from mobile devices (smartphone or tablet), 8.8m exclusively from PCs and 36.4m from multiple devices in the month.
  • Males 25-34 were our spotlight this month. A view across the categories and sites they visited revealed both expected and unexpected results.
  • In the area of multi-platform, we saw that all top 10 properties outperformed the market average for mobile-only access, but the interesting behaviour is perhaps more stark when you consider the Sports category.
  • Admittedly June this year was bigger for sports than in 2013 due to the World Cup, but the notable story was how the events were consumed by users. The PC-only audience dropped from 73.4% to 42.1%, multi-platform nearly doubled (18.2% to 32.6%), but the most interesting result was for mobile/tablet exclusive consumption which rose from 8.4% to 25.4%.

Multi-Platform Content Measurement

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