- June 16, 2015

Invalid Traffic: Why it Matters and Why You Should Care

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You probably already know that ad fraud and invalid traffic (IVT) are real issues. If an ad isn’t reaching a real person, that’s a real problem.

But you may not know just how much IVT impacts every other performance and effectiveness metric you use to demonstrate success. If you aren’t taking IVT out of your measurement – including your viewability and in-target numbers – your KPIs are infected and your results are probably wrong.

This booklet uncovers the impacts and consequences of IVT and will help you understand:

  • How the presence of IVT in any of your metrics IVT, meaning your GRPs may be infected
  • How viewability differs and IVT is accounted for at varying levels, even among MRC-accredited vendors
  • Unduplicated measurement is the only way to achieve a clean number of impressions with the opportunity to have an impact

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