- June 8, 2016

Home Sweet Digital Home

Speaker: Mike Rich, Vice President and Susan Engleson, Senior Director at Comscore

There was a time when understanding consumer use of the Internet was relatively simple - all we needed to measure was engagement from computers. There were no tablets, no smartphones, no OTT; your thermostat wasn’t a connected device.

Today though, computers actually account for a minority share of Internet access. Consumers are using smartphones and tablets, wearables, gaming consoles, and OTT devices to access content when and where they want. The web is still a major hub of activity, but is now complemented by content accessible via apps, smart TVs and devices like Roku and Apple TV.

So what does the digital landscape look like in today’s connected household?

Download this presentation where we present data collected by our Total Home Panel, the first household measurement solution that leverages proprietary technology to capture consumer media consumption at the household level including:

  • How does household size influence the number of devices and the average per person?
  • What can we learn about users simply by looking at the devices they own and use?
  • As more and more consumers cut the linear cord, is your content where it needs to be, at the right time, to reach your desired audience?