- June 27, 2019

Beyond the Headlines: Unpacking Common Narratives in Media and Advertising

The media industry continues to experience significant changes in the way brands, agencies and content owners engage and interact with audiences. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, brands are aligning themselves with activist causes, legacy buying practices are being called into question, and the lines between platforms continue to blur.

These developments have given way to several bold proclamations within the industry – but do these assertions accurately reflect what’s happening in the marketplace?

In our most recent whitepaper, Comscore took an in-depth look at three common industry headlines to help marketers and media companies better understand the nuances and data behind these narratives:

  • Do stereotypes help advertising? (Not always! Today’s audiences are more diverse and advanced than ever before).
  • Is activism good for business? (It’s incredibly nuanced! Consumers are generally ambivalent to brands taking a stance).
  • Is TV dead? (Not even close! TV still dominates in terms of reach and engagement).