- November 21, 2019

The Danger of Trusting Advertising Truisms

Speaker: Comscore & Campaign

This white paper, created in partnership with Campaign, looks at examples where common assumptions about audiences can lead to sub-optimal marketing investments, and how challenging these assumptions can open untapped opportunities.

By way of example, during the 2018 World Cup, two thirds of FIFA’s UK YouTube audiences were male. However, British female viewers watched 77% more FIFA YouTube videos than their male counterparts. Females were also far more likely to visit specific online retail store categories.

In this report we debunk several marketing preconceptions about online audiences and show how thoughtful use of data can help identify untapped opportunities.

Among other topics covered in the report:

  • How female and male audiences differ in the way they consume sports content, and their affinity to online retail.
  • How different demographic variables help sketch a nuanced portrait of the audiences most likely to purchase luxury goods.
  • How the different generations of audiences (Gen Z, millennials, Gen X) do not necessarily conform with the conventional wisdom about their relationship with cars.

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