Mobile Music on the Increase Across Europe

U.S. Lags Behind Europe with Nearly Half as Many Mobile Users Listening to Music

LONDON, U.K., May 20, 2010 - Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released data from the Comscore MobiLens service which showed that 23.8 percent of mobile users across five leading European mobile markets (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) listened to music on their mobile handsets during the three month period ending March 2010. The 54 million total mobile music users in the EU5 countries represent a 10 percent increase in the past year.

Spain led the way with 30 percent of mobile users listening to music from their primary handsets followed by Germany with 25.8 percent. The U.K., known for its affinity for music, actually falls slightly behind the average in EU5 with 22.6 percent penetration of mobile users. Listening to music on mobile phones was least popular in France and Italy, with 21 percent of both markets engaged in this activity. The U.S., in contrast, lags far behind all EU5 countries with only 13.2 percent of the mobile population using mobile handsets to listen to music.

Mobile Music Users
3 Month Average Ending March 2010
Total US + EU5 (UK, DE, FR, ES and IT), Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens
  Penetration (%) of Mobile Subscribers
EU5 France Germany Italy Spain UK US
Listen to Music 23.8% 21.1% 25.8% 21.1% 30.0% 22.6% 13.2%
Listen to Music Sideloaded From PC 20.3% 17.6% 22.2% 17.8% 26.0% 19.4% 9.7%
Purchased a Ringtone 3.7% 3.4% 3.8% 5.3% 4.0% 2.2% 5.5%
Downloaded Music Direct to Mobile Device 1.9% 1.9% 2.0% 1.7% 1.6% 2.1% 1.7%

Mobile is an Ideal Channel for Music Publishers and Promoters

Germany led all EU5 countries in downloading music directly to mobile handsets with more than 1 million mobile music downloaders in March 2010, while also demonstrating the fastest growth rate at 102 percent. Italy ranked as the second fastest growing market (up 92 percent) followed by France (up 50 percent). Once again, growth in the EU5 countries significantly outpaced the U.S., which grew just 10 percent to 4 million users.

Downloaded Music Direct to Mobile Phone
3 Month Avg. Ending March 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending March 2009
Total US + EU5 (UK, DE, FR, ES and IT), Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens
  Mobile Subscribers Who Downloaded Music Direct to Mobile Phone (000)
Mar-2009 Mar-2010 % Change
EU5 2,647 4,286 62%
 Germany 517 1,042 102%
 Italy 421 807 92%
 France 582 874 50%
 U.K. 716 995 39%
 Spain 411 568 38%
U.S. 3,701 4,077 10%

"Despite rapid growth in mobile music downloaders in Europe, the total addressable market in the EU5 is still quite small. However we see a significant untapped advertising opportunity for music publishers and promoters. People who listen to music on their phones are more likely to browse the Internet and almost half own smartphones," says Alistair Hill, senior analyst at Comscore. "The high penetration of smartphones and likelihood to browse shows how ideal this audience is for targeted mobile advertising. The mobile channel offers an opportunity to get in front of consumers at one of their primary access points for music consumption."

Other notable findings about Europe's mobile music market from March 2010 include:

Of the 54 million users listening to music on a mobile device in the EU5:

  • 42 percent have a smartphone compared to 25 percent of the total mobile subscribers
  • 47 percent browse the mobile internet compared to 25 percent of the total mobile subscribers
  • 85 percent of those who listened to music on their phone, listen to 'sideloaded' music (loaded from a PC)
  • 8 percent of those who listened to music on their phone, have downloaded it direct to their device

March 2010 European Mobile Benchmark Data

Below is Comscore's March 2010 benchmark data, including a review of mobile consumption behaviours and device penetration for five EU countries. This benchmark data will be updated on a monthly basis to provide the most up-to-date snapshot of the mobile industry. Further information on this benchmark data, and other data included above, can be provided upon request.

Mobile Benchmark Data for the European Market
3 Month Average Ending March. 2010
Total EU5 (UK, DE, FR, ES and IT), Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens
  Reach (%) of Mobile Subscribers
EU5  UK  France  Germany  Italy  Spain
Sent text message to another phone 82.2% 90.1% 80.4% 80.9% 77.5% 82.0%
Used application (including games) 35.0% 39.2% 25.9% 33.8% 39.4% 37.4%
Used browser 25.0% 33.6% 24.0% 20.3% 23.6% 22.9%
Listened to music on mobile phone 23.8% 22.6% 21.1% 25.8% 21.1% 30.0%
Accessed Social Networking Site or Blog 13.7% 20.7% 12.6% 8.8% 14.2% 12.1%
Accessed news 11.1% 15.5% 10.3% 9.2% 12.0% 7.9%
Smartphone 24.5% 25.0% 17.1% 18.6% 33.3% 30.5%
3G Subscribers 44.0% 43.3% 38.6% 40.4% 45.6% 55.0%

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