India’s Daily Readership of Online News and Information Jumps 34 Percent in the Past Year

Times of India Leads Online News Ranking, While Also Generating Significant Traffic from Abroad

New Delhi, 1 October 2013 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a report highlighting online news readership in India based on data from its Comscore Media Metrix service. The report showed that there has been significant growth in daily readership of news and information content in the past year, with an increase of 34 percent to 9.4 million average daily visitors to the category.

Comscore News/Information Properties in India
 August 2012-2013
 Total India – Home and Work Computers
 Source: Comscore Media Metrix
  August 2012 August 2013 % Change
Total Unique Visitors (000)  40,044  45,902 15%
Total Visits (000)  259,686  364,592 40%
Average Daily Visitors (000)  7,042  9,402 34%
Average Minutes per Visitor  31.6  41.6 31%
Total Unique Visitors (000)  40,044  45,902 15%

The Times of India Leads Online News Ranking
 The Times of India continues to be the clear leader in the news category, maintaining its number 1 position since last year with 12.7 million unique visitors in August. Sites showed 25 percent growth breaking into the Top 10 for the first time with more than 7.1 million unique visitors. In addition to those two properties, 16 of the top 20 news properties are currently local news publishers.

Comscore Top 20 News/Information Properties in India
 August 2013
 Total India – Home and Work Computers
 Source: Comscore Media Metrix
Rank Property Unique Visitors (000)   Rank Property Unique Visitors (000)
1 The Times of India 12,715   11 The Hindu Group 4,201
2 Yahoo!-ABC News Network 10,721   12 IBN Live 4,175
3 HT Media Ltd 8,219   13 The Indian Express Group 3,492
4 India Today Group 7,676   14 2,537
5 Sites 7,188   15 CNN Network 2,171
6 About 7,044   16 BBC 2,113
7 Jagran Sites 6,312   17 Sify News And Information 2,034
8 NDTV 6,258   18 HPMG News 1,965
9 Sites 6,182   19 Navbharat Times 1,862
10 The Economic Times 4,415   20 1,832

Data also suggests reader engagement for the news category has spiked within the past year, with users spending on average 31 percent more time on news sites at 41.6 minutes per visitor. and demonstrated especially strong engagement at 100.3 minutes and 62.1 minutes, respectively. Other niche news sites with more modestly-sized audiences – including,, and Navbharat Times – also generated high engagement with a higher number of page views per visitor than the category average of 48.

Several Indian News Properties Attract Significant Audiences from Abroad
 Continuing a past trend, many of the top Indian News sites see a significant amount of traffic from abroad. generated the highest share of its audience from abroad at 51.3 percent, followed by Manorma Sites at 45%. The Times of India, as the most prominent news brand, also successfully extends its audience into other markets with 37.8 percent of its audience coming from abroad. NDTV, Sites, and The Indian Express Group also have more than 30 percent of their respective audiences coming from outside of India.

Share of Audience from Abroad Among Top News/Information Properties in India*
 August 2013 vs. August 2012
 Total India – Home and Work Computers
 Source: Comscore Media Metrix
Property Unique Visitors (000)  from Outside India Unique Visitors (000)  from India % of Audience From Abroad 1,932 1,832 51%
Manorama Sites 902 1,089 45%
The Times of India 7,736 12,715 38%
NDTV 3,550 6,258 36% Sites 3,584 7,188 33%
The Indian Express Group 1,606 3,492 32%
The Hindu Group 1,741 4,201 29%

*Based on News/Information properties with at least 1 million visitors.

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