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comScore Launches Ad Metrix Service in Mexico to Provide Competitive Intelligence for Online Display Advertising

Netflix Had Greatest Ad-Exposed Reach in April while Best Day Travel Delivered Highest Number of Advertiser Impressions

Mexico City, Mexico, June 17, 2013 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released the latest insights on the display advertising market in Mexico from its comScore Ad Metrix service launched in March this year. The breakthrough service offers advertisers, agencies and publishers comprehensive insights into where display ad impressions appear online, the demographic composition of the audiences reached, along with traditional advertising metrics such as reach/frequency and GRPs.

Results from the debut report found that 22 billion display ads were delivered to the Mexican online population during April this year. Netflix, Inc. led with the largest advertising exposed population in April 2013; while Best Day Travel and Microsoft Corporation ranked as the top display advertisers with each delivering more than 300 million impressions.

comScore Ad Metrix provides actionable insights for advertisers and agencies to optimize display ad campaigns, while supplying publishers with important third-party validation to support ad sales efforts.

Key product features include:

  • Measurement of display ad impressions based on delivery to actual people, as opposed to cookies or spiders.
  • A full range of advertising metrics that provide insights into ad spend, share of voice, ad clutter, ad-exposed audience, reach/frequency and GRPs.
  • View of the actual creative used by advertisers, including information such as ad type and size.
  • Insights into socially-enabled and socially-published ads.
  • Granular classification that provides the ability to analyze advertising at the brand, category or product-level.

With the launch of Ad Metrix in Mexico in March, Netflix, Inc. ranked as the biggest advertiser during that month with 463.8 million display ad impressions delivered, reaching more than 18 million people. “As the digital agency of record for Netflix in Latin America, having a tool like comScore Ad Metrix is critical for optimizing our advertising placement strategies.” said Gaston Taratuta, IMS Internet Media Services, President and Founder, whose company is Netflix's digital agency for the region. “The availability of important media planning metrics such as demographics, reach, frequency and GRPs, in addition to detailed views of advertising creative and competitive intelligence, helps ensure that we can make sound placement decisions based on a trusted data source.”

Top 10 Online Advertisers in Mexico

Netflix, Inc. delivered 267.1 million display ad impressions while delivering the largest reach at 16.8 million people, representing 60 percent of total advertising exposed unique visitors in April 2013. Citigroup Inc. ranked second reaching 15 million people to 157 million display ad impressions, while Best Day Travel was the leading online advertiser with 434.6 million display ad impressions reaching 14.9 million people.

Top Online Display Advertisers* in Mexico by Advertising Exposed Unique Visitors (000)
 Total Mexico, Age 6+, Home & Work Locations**
 April 2013
 Source: comScore Ad Metrix
  Advertising Exposed Unique Visitors (000) Display Ad Impressions (000)
Total Internet 27,879 22,705,177
Netflix, Inc. 16,842 267,142
Citigroup Inc. 15,028 157,075
Best Day Travel 14,920 434,669
Microsoft Corporation 14,500 335,888
Procter & Gamble Co. 13,511 125,352
Google Inc. 11,645 71,994
Dafiti 11,319 169,856
American Express Company 11,315 82,475
Anuntis Segundamano 11,164 90,487
Dell Inc. 10,816 68,639

*Reflects display advertising only, excludes small ads and house ads (<2,500 pixels in dimension).
**Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs.

Webinar – State of Display Advertising in Mexico 2013
comScore’s Ivan Marchant will be providing more insight on the state of Mexico’s online advertising market via a live, complimentary webinar on Tuesday, June 18. For more information and to register, please visit: Note: Webinar will be presented in Spanish.

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