Comscore Announces Launch of MMX Multi-Platform, As Well As Major Enhancements to Mobile Metrix in India

Offerings Deliver Multi-Platform Measurement for Holistic View Across Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets, and Expanded Measurement of Mobile Audiences to Enable More Robust Reporting

Bangalore, India, 20 April 2017 – Comscore today announced the launch of MMX Multi-Platform, along with major upgrades to Mobile Metrix in India with the introduction of data from its recently launched mobile consumer panel. The introduction of Android mobile panel data expands Comscore’s measurement of mobile audiences in India to enable more robust reporting of visitation, engagement and demographics, including new segments for age and gender. With February 2017 data, Comscore will also upgrade its enumeration source for India to the I-Cube™ universe estimates, reporting a Total Digital Population of 201 million unique visitors/viewers in India.

“As part of our continued commitment to improve data accuracy and adapt to the rapid growth of mobile in the India market, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of mobile panel data which will enable more granular insights into audiences and their content consumption across devices and platforms,” said Kedar Gavane, Vice President, India at Comscore. “This marks an important step forward in advancing measurement in the industry, and we look forward to delivering even more valuable data and insights that advertisers, agencies and publishers need to develop their digital strategies and understand the competitive, multi-platform landscape.”

“It is essential for the industry to have an independent and standardised measurement source to provide actionable data on consumer reach and engagement across all platforms, and for all stakeholders to have a full view of today’s digital ecosystem,” said Tushar Vyas, Chief Strategy Officer at GroupM South Asia. “Comscore’s latest initiatives deliver that and more. It will provide even more compelling data and insights for us to plan and optimise digital strategies for our clients.”

“We highly welcome Comscore’s latest move in delivering comprehensive reporting of total and unduplicated digital audience reach and behaviour across devices as well as platforms,” said Gopa Kumar, Vice President at Isobar India. “These significant developments provide media buyers and media sellers alike with the confidence to make more informed decisions on advertising and content. We are pleased that Comscore is working continuously to lead the measurement industry forward.”

“With digital and especially mobile usage accelerating at a swift pace in India, it is critical to understand how consumers access content across desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets, whether on mobile browser or app,” said Kishore Thota, Head of Consumer Marketing and Customer Experience at Amazon India. “We are delighted that Comscore is bringing new multi-platform and enhanced mobile measurement solutions to the market. We appreciate Comscore’s developments to progress the online audience measurement industry, and to deliver quality solutions to benefit marketing and advertising in India.”

Comscore MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix combine data from desktop and mobile consumer panels with data from the Comscore census network. This approach provides an unduplicated, persons-based measurement of total digital reach. Further, Comscore measurement continues to evolve to address consumers’ changing behaviours and new technologies. This includes the ability to measure and credit traffic from third-party apps and content distributors such as Facebook Instant Articles, to ensure publishers are able to consistently account for their digital audience across devices.

MMX Multi-Platform Measures Holistic View Across Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets
In February 2017, Google Sites ranked #1 overall with 178 million unique visitors/viewers, followed by Facebook with 164 million and Times Internet Limited with 93 million. 84 percent of India’s 169 million mobile users accessed exclusively via smartphones and tablets in a month, making 70 percent of India’s Total Digital Population ‘mobile only’. This is significantly higher than the comparable figures in the United States (12 percent) and the United Kingdom (7 percent).

Top 10 Properties from Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices in India
February 2017
Total India – Age 6+ on Desktop and Age 18+ on Mobile
Source:  Comscore MMX Multi-Platform
Rank  Property
Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Digital Population Desktop Mobile
Total Internet: Total Audience 200,821 59,317 169,247
1 Google Sites 178,162 57,251 154,044
2 Facebook 163,653 35,440 148,761
3 Times Internet Limited 93,124 18,637 83,278
4 Amazon Sites 73,293 20,771 60,970
5 PAYTM.COM 72,186 6,448 69,042
6 TRUECALLER.COM 62,791 916 62,348
7 USHAREIT.COM 58,733 501 58,460
8 Flipkart sites 55,550 14,914 46,148
9 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 44,970 14,844 35,614
10 Network 18 42,424 11,797 35,007

Key Top Line Categories from Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices in India
In February 2017, the Entertainment, Social Media, News/Information and Search/Navigation categories each reached more than three-quarters of India’s Total Digital Population. Social Media delivered the highest number of total minutes amongst the key top line categories, while the categories with the greatest share of their audiences on mobile were Instant Messengers (97 percent) and News/Information (91 percent). In each of the key top line categories, more than half of the users accessed digital content via mobile devices only and did not visit the category via desktop during the month.

Key Top Line Categories from Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices in India
February 2017
Total India – Age 6+ on Desktop and Age 18+ on Mobile
Source:  Comscore MMX Multi-Platform
Top Line Category Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Digital Population Desktop Mobile
Total Internet: Total Audience 200,821 59,317 169,247
Entertainment 179,848 52,836 157,245
Social Media 169,498 42,734 151,530
News/Information 168,318 35,482 153,561
Search/Navigation 154,314 51,910 131,050
Instant Messengers 144,445 9,031 140,790
Retail 141,105 39,297 122,846
Technology 128,861 35,144 111,523
Business/Finance 90,739 34,620 72,371
Travel 69,908 23,644 56,024
Education 61,155 25,166 45,324

This latest development in India expands Comscore’s advanced mobile measurement solutions to a total of nine markets across the globe. In the coming months, Comscore will also introduce advanced mobile measurement in China, Malaysia, France, Germany and Argentina as we continue to expand our global mobile measurement footprint.

To learn more about MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix, please contact us.

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