Comscore Scores Expanded Partnership With The Green Bay Packers For Local, Digital And Social Measurement

RESTON, Va., September 12, 2023 – As the NFL kicks-off its 2023-2024 season, Comscore, a global trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media, today announced the continuation of its successful media measurement collaboration with the Green Bay Packers, one of the nation’s oldest professional sports teams.

The two-year agreement includes the continued use of Comscore’s cutting-edge local television and digital measurement solutions as well as an extension of Comscore’s social measurement platform, providing a comprehensive measurement package for the Green Bay Packers.

One of the most-storied franchises in the history of the sport, the Packers have won the most championships of any NFL team, with 13 in total, and it’s the third-oldest franchise in the League, dating back to 1919. The Green Bay Packers also boast one of the most devoted fanbases in all of sports. Fans tune into Packers games as well as their original programming such as Packers Live and Total Packers with Matt LaFleur. Of note will be Comscore’s measurement of the Packers 16 markets where their shows air. Comscore’s Local TV measurement allows for a comprehensive look at what Packers fans are watching in support of programming insights and ad sales.

“We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding our fans so we can deliver great experiences. Because Packers fans connect with us from all over the world, we rely on data to understand how our fans are consuming content in our 16+ television markets, on the web and on our social channels” said Garrison Cummings, Assistant Director, Brand & Marketing for the Green Bay Packers. “Comscore’s suite of audience solutions across all platforms allows us to understand who is watching our games and provides us with insights to drive our social and digital channels. This allows us to create better experiences for our fans and deliver value for our partners through our platforms.”

“While consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the last three years, one thing that has not changed is America’s love of football. Live Sports, and certainly the NFL, continue to drive television consumption, no matter the platform in which households (HHs) receive their NFL signal,” said Carol Hinnant, Comscore’s Chief Revenue Officer. “The Green Bay Packers have been breaking records and inspiring fans for over a century: Comscore is proud to supply its local market solutions to help the Packers continue to build their fan base, produce programming that resonates and drive ratings and potential championships for decades to come!”

As the leader in local television measurement, Comscore is at the forefront of the industry's evolution. Powered by more than 75 million TVs in the U.S., Comscore offers stability in its measurement, granular reporting down to the quarter hour and reporting in 48-hours with Comscore TV Pulse Data. Comscore’s local TV solution combines real-world TV viewership information with advanced household-level consumer and demographic data, providing greater accuracy to customers’ advertiser base. Pairing Comscore’s local market leadership with its digital and social reporting provides unprecedented insights for brands navigating the local market advertising eco-system.

The partnership will be in the spotlight on September 26, 2023, when the Green Bay Packers’ Assistant Director, Brand & Marketing, Garrison Cummings, joins the live webinar, Scoring with Comscore: A Data Driven Approach for Winning Insights on Sports and Fans. For details, visit

Kai Heslop
KCSA Strategic Communications for Comscore, Inc.