- February 1, 2021

Brand Innovators' TV & Cross-Screen Measurement

Carol Hinnant
Carol Hinnant
Chief Revenue Officer

As television merges with digital channels, brands are looking for ways to reach audiences in more targeted and compelling ways across the spectrum of linear television, CTV and OTT.

Brand Innovators explored this growing shift in video and TV media consumption at the TV + Cross Screen Measurement livecast sponsored by LiveRamp. One of the first steps in this shifting environment is to identify what constitutes television versus OTT and CTV.

Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer at Comscore, defines TV as sitting back in your living room and putting your feet up, while watching premium video on a big screen.

    National TV Measurement

    Comscore TV National provides television buyers and sellers with precise, massive-scale measurement of national television programming and advertising.

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    Streaming Insights

    Comscore CTV Intelligence™ provides clients with critical insight into consumer over-the-top (OTT) streaming activity on TV-connected devices, including smart TVs,...

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