- January 12, 2022

Measuring the Future: What Companies Are Doing to Be Ready for TV (Video) Measurement in 2030

 Michael Vinson, PhD
Michael Vinson, PhD
Chief Research Officer

We know that there is a lot of discussion, and contemplated change in the TV/video measurement business right now.

MRC accreditation losses, new currency pilots, US and global initiatives on cross-platform. Several other panels in this conference (and many other conferences) are discussing these. But let’s put on our futurevision glasses. Think about 2030. Only 8 years from now. Cookies are gone. Everything is “meta.” What are companies doing now, or what should they be doing, to be ready for video measurement then? This panel will talk about what they are doing for the long-term, and what the rest of the ecosystem needs to do.

This video is part of the TVOT Live! New Year 2022 conference, for more recorded sessions, see https://vimeo.com/user2660412.

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