- July 7, 2022

Why Capturing Instagram Reels data is More Important than Ever

With Instagram Reels owning 20% of the time people spend on Instagram and 45% of Instagram users interacting with Reels content at least one each week1, it's no surprise the surge in short form video content continues to accelerate in 2022.

Up until now, this fast-growing content format has been a bit of a blind spot for marketers and content creators – unable to easily measure and analyze the performance of this content in the same way as other video content on social. But now that’s changed...Instagram Reels measurement is now live!

Clients now have the ability to measure not only their own, but also their competitors’ Instagram Reels performance so they can continue finding new ways to innovate and succeed in this new video format.

So what can you measure?

  • Reels (Likes) IG
  • Reels (Comments) IG
  • Reels (Total Actions) IG
  • Reels (Total) IG
  • Reels (Category Total) IG
  • Reels Actions (Category Total) IG
  • Reels Actions Per Post IG

New Instagram Reels Analytics Now Available in Shareablee

Top Performing Instagram Reels

Benefits of Reels:

  1. Unlike with Instagram Stories, Reels are not only prominently featured on the profiles, they also appear directly in the newsfeed
  2. They also are not ephemeral as they don’t disappear after 24 hours. Reels are a pathway for brands and publishers to reach newer, wider audiences with Reels being featured on the Instagram Explore section of the social network.

That’s not where the insights end. Supplementing the news Reels data for our clients is Comscore’s scale of datasets, including desktop, mobile, over-the-top devices, panelist data, as well as deep social analysis of over 20 million brands across 70 countries.

Access to Instagram Reels analytics is now available in Comscore Total Digital and Shareablee (Content) social measurement. Understanding the value of social media audiences is simpler than ever, learn more here or schedule a demo directly.

IG Reels Content

1 https://techcrunch.com/2022/04/27/meta-says-reels-now-makes-up-over-20-of-the-time-users-spend-on-instagram/

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