- June 28, 2022

Making Data Simple with Comscore Total Digital

Greg Dale
Greg Dale
Chief Operating Officer

For the first time, Comscore Total Digital gives marketers, agencies and publishers combined digital and social measurement in one intuitive interface. Take a look at some of the key visual insights that will simplify the way you work.

Get a Holistic View of Your Digital Audiences

With Comscore Total Digital, unlock the demographic composition of your digital audience and that of any of your competitors to fast-track benchmarking. Using the popular headphones brand, Beats by Dre as an example, we can see its core audience is 84.9% male with a primary age concentrated around 35+1.

Beats by Dre Breakdown

Social engagement metrics across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide further insights into performance by social platform. At Beats by Dre, there were 103.6k average actions2 across these three social media platforms in April (+73.7% vs March 2022), with Twitter seeing the strongest surge (+98.1%) and Instagram seeing the strongest engagement (92.2K actions).

Performance on Social

Using data visualizations as cues, you can understand trends in how your property’s demographics have shifted over time. At the magazine Bustle, the age 25-34 cohort remains its primary audience, but Bustle has seen growth in several age groups throughout the period. During the six-month timeline leading up to April 2022, Bustle saw a spike in engagement with millennial and gen Z viewership, seen below:

Bustle Audience over 6 months

Analyzing Your Top Social Media Platforms

Comscore Total Digital additionally provides social media analysis of the percentage of audience, content, and actions across each individual platform. These metrics provide insights into where your audience spends most of its time, where your volume of content is concentrated, and which platforms drive the highest engagement.

Looking at U.S. bank Capital One, we can see that the majority of its content comes from Twitter (56.18%) and the majority of its audience is on Facebook, but Instagram is its strongest platform for driving engagement (55.59% of engagement at only 24.72% of content).

Platform Share for Comscore Media Capital One

Pinpoint Your Most Engaged Personas

To understand the diversity in an audience at a deeper level, Comscore Total Digital surfaces the top personas of a brand alongside their respective indices.

At video game company Activision Blizzard, some of its top personas are spirits drinkers, oenophiles, label loyalists, and pop-cultured. For example, the spirits drinker persona has a 153.76 index which means they are 54% more likely to engage with Activision Blizzard on social compared to the average engager.

Top Personas for Comscore Media Activision Blizzard

You can also understand relationships between personas in terms of overlap with other personas. Visual analytics such as the one below can help a brand craft a more carefully targeted influencer campaign or identify new opportunities and avenues to expand its reach.

Persona Relationships for Comscore Media Activision Blizzard

Optimizing With Source/Loss Analysis

Within Comscore Total Digital, you can also examine the incoming and outgoing traffic to your property, including social-specific traffic. This shows you the other sites that viewers are exploring before and after they visit your site. For example, the anime streaming service Crunchyroll sees 13.65% of its audience incoming from Google Sites and 11.30% of its audience members accessed their site first after opening a browser.

Crunchyroll Incoming Traffic

Get an In-Depth View of Top Performing Content

Social content insights views within Comscore Total Digital allow you to drill down into the top trending posts, as well as the top trending keywords of your brand. Here you can view specifically which posts and keywords your audience is engaging with the most to help you optimize your content.

For iconic department store Macy’s, we immediately see the top trending post and its strongest performing content in April 2022 is on Facebook. Looking at the trending keywords, we see that Macy’s top word for driving engagement is “style”.

Highest Trending Posts by Total Actions

Understand Your Top Brand Affiliates

Comscore Total Digital provides a view of top brand affiliates, which shows a brand’s affinity and cross-platform social engagement at a brand-to-brand level, versus at the interests category level. An affinity number above ten indicates a strong cross-engagement between two social properties.

For retailer Lowe’s, we see that those who also engage with retail brands such as Land’s End, Vici, Craftsman, and Dyson are more likely to engage with Lowe’s than the average user. And, though Nationwide Children’s Hospital is not a retail brand, their engagers are also more likely to engage with Lowe’s, indicating potential campaign opportunities. This view of top brand affiliates allows a brand to view other businesses that its audience members' interests may overlap with, which in turn can help to identify new targets for campaigns or partnerships.

Lowes Home Improvement Top Brand Affinities

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1 All indices have a baseline of 100.

2 Actions: The total number of actions (reactions, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, loves) the specified property receives during the defined time period across the combined space of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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