- April 25, 2013

Comscore at the NewFronts: UbiquiTV is the New Reality

Carmela Aquino
Carmela Aquino
Senior Marketing Manager

At the NewFronts, everyone will be looking to decipher the dynamics of this increasingly multi-platform world we live in, where the lines between TV and digital video, and premium and non-premium content, are blurring. Once requiring a cable hookup, TV shows are now being watched on computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles. And while YouTube channels were once only watchable on your computer screen, they can now be watched from the comfort of your couch on your home TV.

As content and distribution channels proliferate, the dynamics of how, when and where we view video has forever changed. Understand how the digital video market is evolving in the infographic below.

Download the infographic (JPG, 256 KB)
Download the infographic (PDF, 760 KB)

UbiquiTV Infographic

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