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Data Gem Aug. 3, 2016 | Share

Brexit: 4 ways the EU referendum influenced internet consumption

Brexit: 4 ways EU referendum influenced internet consumption

The search for information and news around the UK’s historic referendum on the EU membership had a dramatic impact on digital behaviour. Key content categories such as Politics and Government saw significant changes to their audience behaviours and compositions, while mobile devices played a key role for instant news. The ‘referendum effect’ also... Read more

Data Gem Mar. 11, 2015 | Share

Top 10 Stats to Show How Economy, Politics, Mobile & Entertainment Can Change Internet Consumption in Brazil

Top 10 Stats to Show How Economy, Politics, Mobile & Entertainment Can Change Internet Consumption in Brazil

While it is perhaps not surprising that Brazil is the 1st largest internet population in Latin America with 84 million Unique Visitors per month, the use of the Internet in Brazil is being impacted for many different local changes which are, in many ways, different from the other countries in the Region. The local climate and political changes have... Read more

Data Gem Oct. 22, 2014 | Share

UK Consumers Increasingly Turn to Digital Channels for Health Information

NHS Total Digital Population in Millions

It is political party conference season in the UK, and the future of the National Health Service (NHS) is a hot topic. Consumers are increasingly recognising the importance of the NHS via digital channels too. Read more

Data Gem Sep. 17, 2014 | Share

Scots Take to the Web in Lead Up to Independence Vote

Scots Take to the Web in Lead Up to Independence Vote

Ahead of Thursday’s referendum on Scottish independence, online interest in political content is peaking in Scotland. In August, 17% of Scottish users accessed Politics sites via desktop or laptop computers compared with just 11% of users in the rest of the UK, representing a 50% increase in political content penetration north of the border. Read more

Data Gem Feb. 28, 2013 | Share

Young Italians Show Interest in Political Websites and Blogs

Politics Related News Sites or Blogs

In Italy, political sites attracted nearly 3.1 million unique visitors during January 2013, an increase of 110 percent compared to the year before. The leading site in the News/Information –Politics category is with nearly 1.3 million unique visitors during the month, an increase of 46 percent compared to January 2012. Read more

Data Gem May. 4, 2012 | Share

Are British Men More Interested in Politics?

News Information Politics Sites Composition Unique Visitors

In the UK, Politics Sites attracted 4.9 million unique visitors during March 2012. A demographic breakdown of the people visiting such sites shows that 23.7 percent of the audience are between 25-34 years old, accounting for the largest share across all age groups. Read more

Data Gem May. 2, 2012 | Share

Political Candidates Use Different Strategies to Engage Voters Through Digital Advertising

Share of Ad Impressions for Top 3 Publishers

With each successive political cycle, digital advertising continues to play a more prominent role in campaigns. In the months leading up to 2012, the Obama campaign began delivering a significant number of online display ads across the web, outpacing the combined effort of the four leading Republican campaigns. An analysis of the top 3 web publishers... Read more

Data Gem Apr. 11, 2012 | Share

Online Newspaper Audiences Grow Ahead of French Elections

Total Unqiue Visitors French Newspaper Sites

Over the past few years Le Figaro and Le Monde have fought for the crown of the largest online newspaper in France. In the last 15 months alone, the top spot changed hands 8 times. In February 2012, Le Figaro led the Newspaper category in France, having increased its audience by 45 percent from the previous year to reach nearly 6.1 million French internet... Read more

Data Gem Mar. 28, 2011 | Share

Political Party Affiliation Varies Among U.S. News Sites

Political Party Affiliation Varies Among U.S. News Sites

The websites of certain top news brands reveal skews in content consumption by party affiliation. A majority of pages at are read by Republicans, Democrats account for the preponderance of page views at, and CNN attracts the most attention from Independents and those not affiliated with a particular political party. Read more

Data Gem Nov. 18, 2010 | Share

Political News Site Visitors by U.S. Region

Political News Site Visitors by U.S. Region

In the month before midterm elections, the U.S. Mountain region (AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WY), South Atlantic region (DE, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV) and New England region (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT) made up a larger percentage of unique visitors to political news sites than their overall composition of U.S. unique visitors. Read more