- September 25, 2017

India’s Travel Consumers Go Mobile

Kedar Gavane
Kedar Gavane
Vice President, India

When it comes to travel, mobile plays an increasingly important role in how digital content is being consumed. In July 2017, 68% of travel category visitors in India accessed content via mobile devices only, and almost two thirds of total digital time in the category is spent on smartphones or tablets. Using insights from Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, we take a closer look at some key findings from a recent category analysis:

2 in 3 visitors access travel content via mobile only in a month

  • India’s travel category is dominated by mobile audiences, with 68% of travel users choosing to access content through their smartphone or tablet devices only in a month.
  • With only 22% of users accessing travel content exclusively through desktop computers in a month, the importance of smaller screens for publishers and advertisers is clear.
  • For 10% of users, brands have multiple potential touchpoints, as they access travel content across both desktop and mobile platforms in a month.

Top 10 travel sites in India by share of platform usage

  • The top travel entities in India include diverse brands, including rail transport, cab booking sites, online travel agents and travel information sites.
  • Across 9 of the top 10 travel properties, mobile is the primary platform in terms of unique users. Expedia Inc users buck this trend, choosing to access primarily through desktop.
  • Cab booking and ride-sourcing users are almost exclusively using mobile, accounting for 97% and 98% of traffic for OLACABS.COM and Uber respectively.

Younger demographics spend greatest share of their time on mobile in travel category

  • In India, mobile dominates overall time online in the travel category, with all demographics spending over half of their time on mobile devices.
  • The share of total minutes on mobile peak with younger users, and decline with older age groups.
  • Millennials rely heavily on mobile to consume travel content, with mobile representing over 70% of their time spent online.

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