- June 21, 2017

Trending Now - The Impact of Mobile on the Retail Category in Canada

Mike Wall
Mike Wall
VP Sales, Canada

The Trending Now infographic shares insights into what the Canadian Population is doing online by providing a vertical top-line snapshot of audience behaviour across devices. A recent analysis conducted by Comscore on the retail category, shows that visitation to e-commerce sites has grown significantly, with mobile unique visitors increasing by 22 percent since 2015. Two out of the top eight retail brands have over 50% of their audiences visiting exclusively from a mobile device, prompting retailers to adjust their digital strategy to fit multi-device consumers.

Download the Full Infographic

Click here to download our latest Trending Now infographic, which looks at the following topics:

  • Which devices are being used most by Canadians on retail sites?
  • How is mobile impacting the online meal delivery industry?
  • How is the mobile payment industry maturing in Canada?
  • Key multi-platform insights on the retail category in Canada

Comscore Media Metrix Multi-Platform can help you understand your target audience size and engagement across devices. These metrics can be compared across digital media platforms and used to understand incremental or complementary activity coming from each platform.

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