- October 13, 2016

State of the Canadian Online Retail Market

Speaker: Comscore Senior Director Darrick Li, Comscore Senior Account Manager Paul Rich

How should Canadian retailers adjust their digital marketing strategies to engage with their consumers in a multi-device world?

While digital commerce continues to remain steady in Canada, the sector is clearly boosted with mobile usage driving an increasingly meaningful contribution to the sector. The mobile consumer audience in Canada is not only growing by 11% compared to June 2015, but clearly more engaged with a 26.7% increase of time spent per visitor on retail sites over the last twelve months.

In this presentation, Comscore Senior Director Darrick Li and Senior Account Manager Paul Rich take an in-depth look at the latest online retail trends and their impact on retailers going forward.

Here are some key insights they share:

  • While Canadian shoppers consume across platforms, mobile has become increasingly important in the consumer journey
  • Canadian shoppers are increasingly turning to retail apps (+15%)
  • While bricks and mortar stores dominate the retail category, pure play online players see stronger engagement
  • Since Wayfair.ca’s Canadian launch, Wayfair has increased faster than the top 5 Canadian retailers
  • 10+ billion desktop ad impressions placed by retail advertisers in 2016 (YTD June 2016)

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Download the Infographic: State of the Canadian Online Retail Market

State of the Canadian Online Retail Market

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