Ranks as #1 Retail Destination in Brazil Heading into 2013 Holiday Season

25-34 Year Olds in Brazil Show Highest Propensity to Buy Online

Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 27, 2013 – Comscore (NASDAQ : SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released an analysis of e-Commerce activity in Brazil based on insights from the Comscore Media Metrix service. The study found that continues to rank as the most visited destination in the Retail category in Brazil with nearly 25 million visitors in October, representing nearly half of all online shoppers. An analysis of online buyer demographics also revealed that 25-34 year old men and women showed the highest propensity to buy online.

“As Black Friday approaches and the online shopping season begins to ramp up, retailers and marketers need meaningful insights into consumer behavior if they are to take full advantage of the fast-growing e-commerce market,” said Alex Banks, Comscore Managing Director for Brazil and Vice President Latin America. “With a better understanding of where Brazilian consumers are going online to shop and which consumers are doing the buying, retailers can hone their strategies to ensure they have a Merry Christmas this year.”

Brazil Among the Top 10 Most Engaged E-Commerce Markets Worldwide
A study of the top online retail markets worldwide found that Brazil ranked among the top ten in terms of retail category penetration. At #9 overall, Brazil saw 83.4 percent of all desktop internet users visit a retail site in September, suggesting that while the majority of Internet users do shop online there is still room to increase the size of the market.

The United States had the highest retail penetration across all markets reported by Comscore, with 91.6 percent of its online population visiting retail destinations in September. The study also found that visitors in the UK spent on average, 2 hours online per month on retail sites, securing the #1 position among the top 10 retail markets.

Top 10 Global Markets by % Reach of Total Unique Visitors
 September 2013 
 Total Audience: Visitors Age 15+, Home/Work Location*
 Source:  Comscore Media Metrix
  % Reach Average Minutes per Visitor
United States 91.6 90.0
United Kingdom 89.4 125.7
Netherlands 88.4 81.9
Germany 88.0 73.0
Japan 87.7 71.9
Canada 85.5 76.0
Ireland 84.7 46.2
France 84.3 95.5
Brazil 83.4 59.6
Spain 82.0 57.5

*Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs

Mercado Livre Leads Online Retail Visitation in Brazil secured the #1 position among online retail destinations in Brazil with nearly 25 million visitors who spent an average of 31.2 minutes per visitor on the site in October – nearly three times the engagement of the next most engaging site. took the #2 spot with 15.1 million visitors, followed by with 13.8 million unique visitors.

Top Brazil Retail Properties Ranked by Total Unique Visitors (000)
October 2013
Total Audience: Visitors Age 15+, Home/Work Location*
Source: Comscore Media Metrix
  Total Unique Visitors (000) Average Minutes per Visitor
Retail 52,192 64.6
AMERICANAS.COM 15,169 11.1
BUSCAPE.COM.BR 13,899 3.4
NETSHOES.COM.BR 12,573 10.8
WALMART.COM.BR 10,971 7.0
UOL Shopping 8,643 2.2
DAFITI.COM.BR 6,907 8.7
EXTRA.COM.BR 6,754 8.7
LIVRARIASARAIVA.COM.BR 6,190 7.5 Worldwide Sites 6,143 4.3

*Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs

25-34 Year Olds are the Most Likely to Buy Online in Brazil
An analysis of Retail category demographics showed that, while the demographics of online buyers were generally similar to  those of visitors to the Retail category, 25-34 year olds were the most likely to buy online. While 25-34 year old males represent 15.5 percent of the online population, they accounted for 17.0 percent of all online buyers. 25-34 year old females represent 14.3 percent of the online population but a slightly higher 15.8 percent of online buyers. The 35-44 year old and 45-54 year old age segments also represented a marginally higher percentage of online buyers than their share of the total internet population.

Demographic Profile, Retail % Composition Unique Visitors & Online Buyers
October 2013
Total Audience: Visitors Age 15+, Home/Work Location*
Source: c omScore Media Metrix
  % Composition Unique Visitors % Composition Online Buyers**
Base Audience: Persons: 15+ 100.0 100.0
Males - Age    
    All Males 52.1 52.6
    Males: 15-24 14.9 13.8
    Males: 25-34 15.5 17.0
    Males: 35-44 10.8 11.1
    Males: 45-54 6.7 7.2
    Males: 55+ 4.2 3.6
Females - Age    
    All Females 47.9 47.4
    Females: 15-24 13.7 11.6
    Females: 25-34 14.3 15.8
    Females: 35-44 10.0 10.6
    Females: 45-54 6.2 6.5
    Females: 55+ 3.9 2.9

*Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs
**Obtained using a custom audience analysis focusing on individuals who actively make transactions on one or more of the Top 10 retail destinations during October 2013

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