Central American Internet Users Engage with Many Social Networks, with 97 Percent Using Facebook

Comscore Releases 2015 Study of Internet Behavior in Central America

Mexico City, September 14th, 2015 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR), a leader in digital media analytics, announced the release of the Study Central America 2015 highlighting the current state of digital trends, including social media and mobile usage. The report shows a detailed analysis of the overall media consumption and behavior of internet users, where we can find that more than half of the online audience in Central America spends an average of two daily hours of internet usage across devices.

Social networking was the most commonly visited online content category among Central Americans, with Facebook ranking as the leader (97 percent reach), followed by Twitter (54 percent). Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr all saw significant gains in popularity in the last two years.

Comscore Study Central America 2015                                                 % of respondents who visited any social media sites in the last 30 days
Social Media





Facebook 95% 97%
Twitter 60% 54%
Instagram 19% 38%
LinkedIn 29% 32%
Online Blog or message board 18% 18%
Pinterest 7% 19%
MySpace 19% 12%
Sonico 20% 9%
Tumblr 3% 7%
FourSquare 4% 3%
None of the above 2% 1%

*Q10. In the past 30 days, have you visited any of the following social media sites?
Social media sites include social network sites (e.g., Facebook or MySpace), online blogs, forums, message boards, and other sharing websites.
Base: Total sample

To learn more about the study, visit Comscore’s recent Blog Post summarizing the findings.

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