comScore Activation

Activate cross-platform audiences and content by turning granular data into actionable targets

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comScore Activation™ is a suite of pre-bid audience and content segments that enables clients to reach the right person in the right place with the right message. 

Powered by flagship products and proprietary contextualization technology, comScore Activation provides actionable page- and person-level insights to help media buyers and sellers improve campaign relevance and effectiveness in programmatic.

Activate Audiences

To reach the right person with your campaign, you need reliable insight into consumer demographics, behaviors and interests – in a single view. 

Demographics & Digital Behaviors
Drive marketing resonance and improve delivery with advanced audiences

TV Viewing Insights
Reach audiences on digital based on granular TV viewing behavior

OTT & Gaming Consumption
Build innovative targeting strategies around growing OTT and gaming trends

Activate Content

To achieve quality ad performance, you need actionable page-level insights to identify hyper-targeted content that is viewable, brand-safe and relevant.

Brand Safety
Protect campaigns and ad spend with robust pre-bid filters and custom keyword avoidance

Contextual Relevance 
Deliver ads in relevant content using unique category and keyword combinations

Quality Delivery
Surface quality inventory using validation insights and media rankings

Optimize Campaigns

Execute end-to-end advertising optimization using the same trusted insights that power comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE).


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