- December 12, 2019

CCPA & Effective Marketing Are Not Mutually Exclusive

How you can still successfully reach consumers in a time of growing privacy awareness

Rachel Gantz
Rachel Gantz
General Manager, Activation

With smartphones, apps, and social media platforms collecting data in new ways, it has become harder than ever for consumers to be aware of who is accessing their personal information and how it is being used. In the United States, several states are now acting to help protect consumers and provide regulations around how companies collect and use consumer data. California enacted a comprehensive data privacy law with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), which takes effect on January 1, 2020.

Comprehensive cross-platform consumer insights are increasingly valuable to brands and provide many benefits to consumers. Consumers benefit from the use of this information because it makes their lives easier, by predicting our online searches, food choices and mapping out our planned trips. But when personal information falls into the wrong hands, it can expose the consumer to risk. That’s why it’s important that brands take consumer privacy seriously and work with companies that share the same core values on how they collect, use, and share consumers' data.

Evolving global privacy standards and regulations – like the CCPA and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – have had an undeniable impact on digital advertising strategies, as many of the programmatic tools that marketers rely on are being called into question. Comscore is highly focused on continuing our legacy of being a trusted data partner and bringing the highest quality to the market. We have taken significant steps to ready our solutions for CCPA.

How we continue to prepare for CCPA
Comscore is already leveraging our existing multi-faceted privacy network to meet our obligations under CCPA. We continue to evaluate and review client and partner contracts, implement policies and procedures regarding privacy and data subject requests, and collaborate with clients and the industry to develop best practices to communicate a consumer’s decision to opt-out the sale of their personal information.

We recognize that individuals should have the ability to make informed decisions regarding how their personal information is used/processed. We provide individuals with the mechanisms to make informed choices – regardless of where they are located. In addition to following traditional processes, we have enabled additional options where clients, publishers or partners can provide for consumers to opt-out, such as directing them to our Data Subject Rights Page.

Privacy-friendly solutions
Comscore has focused on advancing Activation solutions that lead the market for their privacy focus, while effectively and efficiently meeting advertiser campaign goals.

Our contextual activation provides a set of pre-bid inventory filters to help marketers and media companies achieve brand-safe, relevant campaign delivery across desktop and mobile. By extracting the true essence of page content, we can deliver greater granularity and accuracy.

Our audience personas amplify campaign exposure for agencies and media companies to efficiently reach the right audiences at the right time while ensuring ad delivery in relevant and brand-safe content. By providing Activation solutions on both audience and contextual levels, we arm our clients with several ways to activate their most valuable audience segments and maximize return on investment.

For example, an automaker could target pages about “vehicle purchasing” that are visited by adults, ages 18 to 35, to drive sales for a vehicle class. They can also add protection filters such as “safe from drunk driving and vehicle recalls” to make sure that the content is placed appropriately. By using contextual targets, marketers can deliver personalized, impactful campaigns, while remaining focused on privacy.

As we get closer to CCPA going into effect, Comscore will continually adapt to the new law and any laws that are implemented afterward. We look forward to meeting any new challenges that may arise and continuing to deliver on consumers' needs while respecting consumers' personal privacy.

To learn more about Comscore’s Privacy Framework,  click here.

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