- August 19, 2022

Sports and Politics are All the Buzz in the Bay Area

Local TV Snapshot: August 1-7

Eric Bratten
Eric Bratten
Director, Demand Generation

Top 10 Local TV Markets

NYC, LA, and Chicago retain their positions as the top 3 largest television markets by average audience this week. It was also a big week for Local television networks on social media, with the San Francisco market dominating in video views, while Los Angeles maintained a healthy lead in both actions and shares.

US Local TV Markets

Local TV - Top Telecasts in San Francisco – San Jose, CA: Broadcast Networks

Key Insights: San Francisco-San Jose residents were eager to welcome back NFL pre-season football, yet still found some time to watch their favorite weekly telecasts.

  • Although the Raiders are now based in Las Vegas, it appears as if they still resonate with local fans in the Bay area. An average audience of nearly 146k tuned in to watch the Jaguars vs. the Raiders in this year’s Hall of Fame game on NBC.
  • Many Bay Area residents also found time to tune into 60 Minutes this week, earning a share of 20% and propelling this weekly program to the number one broadcast spot.
Top 10 Telecasts

Local TV - Top Telecasts in San Francisco - San Jose, CA: Cable Networks

Key Insights: This week, San Francisco residents leaned into the state of political affairs with key shows on MSNBC and CNN ranking the highest.

  • Monday and Tuesday proved to be the best days to air telecasts during this time period, with 8 of the top 10 telecasts falling on these two days.
  • MSNBC and CNN broadcasts saw average audiences of over 30k televisions per telecast, with each tuning in for an average of roughly 40 minutes.
Top 10 Telecasts

Bay Area Social Media has NBA Fever

Key Insights: Despite the NFL season being right around the corner, San Francisco residents gravitated towards social content focusing on their beloved Golden State Warriors.

Cross-Platform metrics across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

  • 17.6M video views
  • 744.1K social actions
  • 4.2K Pieces of content
  • 4K video shares

Definitions and Methodology:

  • Cable Television - a system in which television programs are transmitted to the sets of subscribers by cable rather than by a broadcast signal and usually is a paid subscription.
  • Broadcast Network Television - free, over-the-air broadcast television networks and local television stations (whether digital or otherwise) in the United States that are licensed by the FCC, regardless of whether a viewer accesses the signal of such networks or stations over-the-air or through other means.
  • Average Audience (AA) – Average number of TVs tuned to an entity throughout the selected time frame
  • Households (HH) – Number of unique households reporting at least one minute of viewing for the selected time frame and classification (telecast, network, etc.)
  • Share (SH) – The average audience of a particular program relative to the total average audience across all programming during the same time frame. Calculated by dividing the avg. audience of a telecast and/or network by the avg. audience over all telecasts airing at the same time (x100)
  • Rating (RTG) – The percentage of the household universe that viewed the classification (network, telecast, ad, etc.). Calculated by dividing AA by the total TV households in the selected market(s)
  • Hours Viewed per Household (Hrs/V-HH) – Average hours viewed per household during the selected time frame
  • Video Views (Cross-Platform) – Total video views across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Actions (Cross-Platform) – Total number of actions (reactions, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, loves) the specified property receives during the defined time period across the combined space of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Shares (Cross-Platform) - The total number of time the specific property’s posts were shared on Facebook or Retweeted on Twitter during the defined time period.

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