August 16, 2013 - Event: UK Digital Market Overview

UK Digital Market Overview August 2013

Ayaan Mohamud
Marketing Manager, EMEA

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends

Here is a brief summary of some of the key topics covered in this report.

44.6m Britons surfed the web via their PC in June 2013, over 37m viewed video content online (+1.2% on May) and over 28.6m users browsed on-network via their mobile phone.

  • Google sites top all segments with Facebook also holding a top 3 position.

Our focus on the female 55+ age group this month has perhaps confirmed aspects of stereotyping, but also highlights some behaviour that may be less expected for this demographic:

  • Interest in house/home related information (‘home’, ‘home furnishings’  and ‘pets’ indexing strongly) would probably be as expected, alongside visiting sites related to shopping and gifting all of which feature strongly in the top 10 categories for the group.
  • More unexpected however is the interest in Incentives and Lotto/Sweepstake sites.

Considering Multi-Platform usage, what is striking is the relatively large amount (mostly double figures) of exclusive mobile traffic that is being shown for the sites within the ‘Retail – Apparel’ sector:

  • New Look saw an extended reach of 14% in June 2013 when accounting for mobile.

VEVO remains the leading YouTube Partner channel, whilst Warner Music jumps two places into second position.