November 19, 2013 - Event: UK Digital Market Overview

UK Digital Market Overview November 2013

Ayaan Mohamud
Marketing Manager, EMEA

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends

Here is a brief summary of some of the key topics covered in this report:
Browsing from PC again remains static month on month at 44.6m, video consumption is down slightly (-1.4%) and access from mobiles is up by 1.5%

  • The overall effect of usage from these devices is a 1% increase in the Total Digital Population (TDP)
  • In user terms this means there were almost 2.7m people accessing the internet from non PC devices. That, coupled with the static PC access data of the last few months, suggests we are seeing usage migrate to portable devices.

This month’s demographic focus are ABC1 consumers and their category repertoire (top 10 by index) reflects a wide range of interests, notably social media doesn’t appear in that top 10.

  • Health and lifestyle are both important to this group, with environment, green issues and recycling being particularly sought out information - Guardian Environment and Freecycle sites both ranking highly
  • Two different travel segments also appear in their top categories; car rental and ‘transactions’ (Skyscanner and Eurostar rank highly) suggesting researching a holiday/break relatively late in the summer season
  • Usage of Careers reflects the family nature within the demographic with and top universities appearing in the top 5 site list

The Multi-Platform data also helps us to understand user behaviour within categories, via the overlap and exclusivity

  • Map site usage is predictably disproportionately high on mobiles, but newspaper content consumption is also favouring mobile over PC suggesting tablet and mobile are becoming preferred device choices amongst the digital devices for this category

The top 2 YouTube partner sites remain unchanged from last month, VEVO leading FullScreen, but Warner Music and Maker Studios have switched places with Warner now third; Rumblefish replaced Machinima in 10th spot