April 22, 2014 - Event: UK Digital Market Overview

UK Digital Market Overview March 2014

Hélène Azevedo
Marketing Manager Europe

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends

Here is a brief summary of some of the key topics covered in this report:

  • Google, Amazon and Facebook remain the only entities to hold top 5 places on all platforms.  Video specialists  hold 50% of the top 10 places for that platform and on mobile Sky make there only top10 appearance – this highlights the need to consider different usage behaviour across platforms and the need to understand how consumers are using them to achieve their own goals

The demographic group in focus for January were ABC1 consumers and their category interests perhaps reflect a planning for the year ahead state of mind

  • The presence of kids in the homes of our target group was reflected in usage of education sites, specifically UCAS, TheStudentRoom and BBC learning
  • The use of Family and Youth category sites reflected a younger range of children or perhaps even those considering starting a family, Disney, NetMums, MumsNet and the BabyCenter were all high on the list of sites visited within the category
  • The annual January taking stock was also evident in the presence of Career sites being visited, Indeed, Stepstone and Reed Executive all having high usage and Linked In also appears on their top 10 of sites visited
  • The appearance of Technology demonstrated the use of online in the shopping process, the sites being visited were of an advisory/review nature rather than brand or product specific sites as consumers perhaps considered a January sales purchase

January Multi-Platform data demonstrates that convenience to the end consumer is key to certain categories

  • Considering the usage of the Retail category in July 2013 to January 2014, we note a 13% decrease in unique users accessing sites via their PC’s only compared to a 19% increase in access exclusively from mobile/tablet devices
  • This shift in consumer behaviour can also be seen at a site level, month on month, Amazon PC only -10%, Mobile/Tablet only +3%, Microsoft PC only -2%, Mobile/Tablet only +18%
  • With the increase in penetration levels of tablets in particular this pattern of usage migration across devices is one which is likely to increase and should be considered when planning communications with your target audience

VEVO and Warner Music remain unchanged (m-on-m) in positions 1 and 2, Fullscreen and ZEFR has switched places to hold 3rd and 4th respectively whilst Google and Warner vfp have dropped out of the top 10 to be replaced by Orchard and Rumblefish who take positions 9 and 10.