- April 4, 2019

Comscore offers new audience targeting to solve for programmatic TV challenges

Anthony Psacharopoulos
Anthony Psacharopoulos

Buying television inventory programmatically continues to grow along with TV content choices. Comscore is responding by augmenting its audience-targeting offerings, including various personas, according to EVP Anthony Psacharopoulos.

Comscore was one of three data providers invited to participate in the recent MediaMath Connect All Fronts industry conference in Manhattan. In this Beet.TV interview at the event, Psacharopoulos details Comscore’s latest contributions to planning, transacting and measuring results of advanced TV campaigns.

“I definitely think we’re coming of age, if you will. We’re hitting that critical mass where yes there used to be scarce inventory. But especially with consumer trends we’re seeing more and more of that inventory becoming available,” Psacharopoulos says.

Comscore is integrating advanced audiences into programmatic so that buyers can continue to venture beyond standard age and gender demos.

“We’re now introducing new metrics such as show-level exposure and dayparts and exposure to linear TV advertising,” says Psacharopoulos.

“We’re even getting into personas, believe it or not, whereby we’re now making available to the buying community the ability to buy based on people who were exposed or engaged with the World Series or the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl.”

Also for programmatic TV, Comscore has metrics showing heavy, medium and light OTT and SVOD subscribers, as well as online gamers. “We’re trying to respond to what we’re hearing from the buying and selling community.”

Psacharopoulos says the industry wants trusted, third-party metrics that incorporated advanced-audience insights. “We’re fundamental believers in the way in which we should be doing that is not from a single-source basis, given all the known issues from single-source type solutions.”

He calls MediaMath “an absolutely phenomenal partner. The way that they see us as a trusted partner, we also see them as a highly trusted, highly valuable partner.”

Comscore’s latest announcements heralded new packages across their Activation suite to enable folks to understand dynamics of disparate audiences, be it for their online and or offline behaviors in terms of understanding trends and patterns and so on.

In addition, “we’re enabling the targeting of those individual segments and making those available within MediaMath.” From the measurement side, within the Comscore Campaign Ratings suite, “we’re making available that post ad exposure measurement transparency again across these advanced audiences.”

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