- December 11, 2018

More Front-End Automation Needed For Addressable TV: DISH’s Arrix

For marketers, addressable television advertising should not be an either-or proposition, according to DISH Media’s Kevin Arrix. It’s all about deciding its appropriate role within the mix of advanced-TV options.

In this interview at Beet Retreat 2018, Arrix talks about the partnership between Sling TV and Comscore and the need for a fuller understanding of addressable TV advertising within the industry. He was interviewed by senior television industry research executive Howard Shimmel.

In January of 2019, Sling partnered with Comscore to offer cross-platform addressable advertising measurement for campaigns across the live OTT service’s impressions and DISH set-top box impressions. Campaign performance is validated with addressable advertising metrics across platforms, using consistent third-party measurement.

“Instead of having measurement from a linear addressable source and an OTT addressable source, the Comscore product allows the buyer to look at it in one holistic way,” says Arrix, who is SVP of DISH Media. “To facilitate that on the sales side is just much easier.”

Read more on https://www.beet.tv/2018/12/kevin-arrix.html

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