- May 18, 2021

Using Comscore’s custom data to understand the food delivery market

Natalia Vargas
Natalia Vargas
Senior Analyst, Client Insights
Toby Crisp
Toby Crisp
Vice President Client Insights

According to Comscore’s Global State of Mobile report, 31% of digital buyers ordered food for delivery online, an increase of 14% points in Q2 2020 compared to Q3 2019. 36% of digital buyers also said they ordered food more often during the pandemic. How is your brand’s performance when compared to that of other platforms?

Comscore, with its first party and nationally representative panels, can create several custom studies to benchmark against competition, get a glimpse into their acquisition strategies, and more. In the charts below, Comscore shows some snippets of its custom capabilities:

In its loyalty study, Comscore quantified which mobile app was most successful in bringing in new users and showed the percentage of users of each app that used one or more competitor apps in April 2020. Almost 50% of Deliveroo’s audience were new users in the first month of the UK’s national lockdown. However, their users were twice as likely to have visited other food delivery apps than those of Just Eat or Uber Eats. 

Looking at the customer acquisition strategy, Comscore’s share of voice study showed that the food delivery market had a large concentration of calls-to-action happening on the TV space, where they reached on average 60.7% of all the connected TVs in the UK. In terms of display ads, 10 sites received more than 70% of all the ad impressions for the category. 

Comscore provides its clients with a comprehensive view of the digital market that allows them to understand: 

  • Which app is being most successful in their new customer acquisition strategy?
  • How loyal are food delivery app users? With which other apps do my users engage?
  • What are the main sources of traffic for my competitors?
  • How does my reach & frequency compare on different platforms such as connected TVs and Display Ads?
  • How does my social media strategy compare in terms of posts, engaged audience and effectiveness?
  • And many other questions.

Comscore Custom Research: 

From consumer journey studies to competitive benchmarking, we'll help you unlock the insights you need to drive growth. Looking for something else? We have a dedicated team tasked with developing custom solutions to meet your unique measurement objectives. 

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Platforms: Desktop, Mobile (web and app), Connected TVs.
Market Availability: 28 markets across the globe.
Delivery frequency: One-Time, Monthly or Quarterly
Delivery Format: PowerPoint, excel  or flat text files

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