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Data Gem Mar. 11, 2015 | Share

Top 10 Stats to Show How Economy, Politics, Mobile & Entertainment Can Change Internet Consumption in Brazil

Top 10 Stats to Show How Economy, Politics, Mobile & Entertainment Can Change Internet Consumption in Brazil

While it is perhaps not surprising that Brazil is the 1st largest internet population in Latin America with 84 million Unique Visitors per month, the use of the Internet in Brazil is being impacted for many different local changes which are, in many ways, different from the other countries in the Region. The local climate and political changes have... Read more

Data Gem Feb. 26, 2015 | Share

Mobile Metrix Reveals the UK’s Top Smartphone and Tablet Destinations

UKs Top Smartphone and Tablet Destinations

With the launch of comScore Mobile Metrix in the UK, comScore is able to report unduplicated audience sizes across app and browser usage, providing a comprehensive view of mobile audience reach on smartphone and tablet devices. Read more

Data Gem Dec. 11, 2013 | Share

Google Sites Has the Most Engaged Audience Amongst Top 10 Italian Video Properties

Top 10 Video website in Italy

In Italy, there were 28.5 million viewers of online video via home and work computers in October 2013; this is 88.5 percent of the online Italian population. A ranking of the top 10 video properties shows that Google sites had the largest audience during the month with 24.4 million unique video viewers. Read more

Data Gem Apr. 12, 2013 | Share

Which Sites Capture The Most Screen Time in Russia?

During February 2013, there were 61.4 million Russians who went online via a desktop PC or laptop. Ranked by total unique visitors, Group and Yandex Sites were the top 2 web properties in Russia, with 52.5 million and 51.8 million visitors respectively in February 2013. Google Sites attracted 45.8 million users putting it in third place, followed... Read more

Data Gem Mar. 25, 2013 | Share

Infographic: Leading Online Video Properties Worldwide

Leading Online Video Properties Worldwide

The French economic newspaper Les Echos recently published an infographic using comScore data showing the main online video properties worldwide in January 2013. In 12th place is the French online video site Dailymotion, which attracted 116.12 million online viewers worldwide during the month. Read more

Data Gem Aug. 15, 2012 | Share

Top Video Destinations in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines

Around the world, online video viewing has grown to become an integral part of the online experience. The launch of comScore Video Metrix in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines today brings comScore's industry-leading online video measurement service to 12 markets in the Asia Pacific region and 25 individual markets worldwide. Read more

Data Gem Apr. 19, 2012 | Share

Google Sites, Microsoft Sites and Facebook Rank as Top Online French Properties in March

Top 20 Websites France March 2012

Nearly 48 million unique users went online in March 2012 in France. Google Sites continued to rank as the top online property, attracting 44.3 million unique visitors, displaying a slight increase over the past month. Microsoft Sites ranked second with nearly 40 million unique visitors, but had a stronger growth rate of 4 percent between February and... Read more

Data Gem Apr. 2, 2012 | Share

First Look at Internet Usage in Thailand Finds Google, Microsoft and Facebook Leading the Market

Top Properties in Thailand February 2012

comScore released its inaugural report on Internet usage in Thailand with February 2012 data. The study found that Google Sites, which includes Google Search and other Google-owned entities such as, led as the top Internet property in Thailand with 9.3 million visitors in February, representing 95.7 percent of the total online population.... Read more

Data Gem Mar. 30, 2012 | Share

UK YouTube Viewers are Avid Music Fans

Top 5 YouTube Partner Channels

In the UK, over 34 million viewers watched an average of 228 videos per viewer during February 2012. accounted for 87.9 percent (29.9 million) of the online video audience, making Google Sites the top online video property. Read more

Data Gem Mar. 20, 2012 | Share

Online Engagement Grows Across France

Top 20 Sites in France by Unique Visitors February 2012

In February 2012, 47.6 million unique visitors in France went online for an average of 24.7 hours over the course of the month. While the total internet audience increased by 1 percent over the past year, average engagement saw higher growth at 5 percent. Google Sites continues to rank as the top online property, attracting 43.9 million visitors for... Read more