- July 23, 2018

APAC Travel Report

Across APAC countries, thirty-five percent of the digital audience visited a travel site in February 2018. Almost half of them visited an online travel agent site, whereas a third visited travel information sites as part of the information-gathering process.

In this report, we examine online trends and behavioural patterns impacting the travel sector, using data from seven APAC countries: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Some of the insights included in this report are:

  • In February 2018, 275 million individuals in China accessed a travel site or app, more than the rest of the APAC countries combined.
  • Consumers in Asia are leapfrogging the traditional technology curve by accessing travel services and information through mobile devices rather desktop. 61% of China’s online travel audience accessed a travel site exclusively through a website. 76% did so in India, and 81% did so in Indonesia.
  • Some site categories perform better in terms of attracting heavy travel site users than others. For example, in India the proportion of heavy travel site users is 4.5 times higher on ticketing sites than the average website; it is 4.0 times higher on toys retail sites; and it is 3.8 times higher on weather information sites.

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